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Review: Jeffrey Campbell France Boots

The Jeffrey Campbell France boots have a sturdy heel and cool buckle details.  I have the distressed ash color and I am in love with them.  I wore them for the first time a few days ago and I have to say that they do take a few days to break in.  But the shoe wasn’t too uncomfortable.  The side of my left foot was just rubbing against the leather.  But with wide feet this happens to me every time I wear new shoes.  Like my Everwell boots, I’m sure these boots will be comfortable once they are broken in.

I think the JC France boots are a way better investment than the Everwell boot because they don’t scuff as easily.  They are a bit taller than the Everwell boot, but the height difference does not hurt your arches.  The JC France boots fit true to size.  I wear an 8.5 and I wear an 8.5 in the boot.  The only thing I dislike about these boots is the smell.  The smell of the leather is strong and still has not gone away yet, despite being out of the box for the past month.

I don’t remember the exact amount I paid for, but these boots were about $100 US dollars.  I got them on a BOGO 50% off sale at Shoe Market NYC.  I think these boots are definitely worth the cost.  Although, I love the design of the Everwells, they scuff way too easily for a hundred dollar shoe.

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What are your favorite JC boots?

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