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10 Things You Need for an Instagram Worthy Home

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I can’t be the only that drools over the amazing homes of bloggers and Youtubers, right?  From the  flawless Instagram pictures to the amazing room and house tours, I can’t get enough of it.  And every time I take a look at my room, I wonder, why doesn’t my room look like that?  Well, I’m here to tell you there secret…

They always seem to have the perfect accessories and accents and decor in their homes, offices, and rooms.  And here are 10 things that can get you that much closer to owning an Instagram worthy home.

  1. Grey/ white/ muted color home decor
  2. Fresh cut flowers
  3. Large framed mirror
  4. White/ Black shelf
  5. Glass jars
  6. Tea stand 
  7. Fairy lights
  8. White bedding
  9. Vintage Bird cage
  10. Blank wall
Before you go out and BUY all this stuff from Target.  You should take a moment and consider the layout of your room.  If you have a small room, like mine, redecorating has its share of difficulties.   With that in mind, you can never achieve an Instagram worthy home if it isn’t clean.  So, remember to always put stuff back where it belongs so you will always be ready to snap that perfect Instagram shot.

Nothing transforms a room like cushions, rugs, or throws.  No matter what season it is grey, white, and muted colors will always look effortlessly cool and chic.  Muted colors subtly add a pop of color that won’t dramatically contrast against any background color.

And if you have gone strolling through Instagram once a while (or every few minutes) you will see a lot of white fuzzy throws with either an outfit, makeup, or even breakfast artfully displayed over it.  A throw or a rug will add texture and interest to any sofa or chair.  You can place it over the chair for extra comfort or put it under the chair for a cool shabby chic vibe.

To dress up your dresser, put a vase or a mason jar full of fresh cut flowers next to a small silver tray or platter.  The tray or platter will be perfect for holding small pieces of jewelry.  And the flowers will bring life and color in to your picture.

No room is complete without a large full-length mirror.  A large framed mirror looks elegant and can make small rooms look bigger.  The only problem is finding a place for this fabulous mirror.

Every room needs a shelf to put books, display the latest magazines, or house your large collection of makeup and nail polishes.  A white or black shelf is always Instagram worthy because these shelves are the perfect blank canvases to decorate with.  You can add metallic accents with pops of muted, pastel colors.

On these shelves, you can display glass jars full of movie tickets or ribbons or even origami stars.  For a colorful and functional decoration, I like putting my ribbon hair ties in glass jars.  That way I always know where they are and they won’t be scattered all over my desk.  And you can always find glass jars and little trinket boxes at thrift stores for about $1-$5.

A vintage tea stand looks cool and elegant and the tiers are the perfect little plates to sort and display your jewelry.  And during the holidays, fairy lights can give your room a romantic ambience while also giving it a little more light during the winter months.

White bedding always looks chic.  I mean who hasn’t seen a fashion blogger or beauty blogger, snap the perfect shot of their cozy Pjs or fuzzy socks or maybe even their latest beauty favorites all artfully displayed on the bed for the perfect Instagram shot.

A Vintage bird cage is a great way to display large plants because all the holes in the cage will ensure the plants gets light and it’s big enough for the plant to grow.  And you should always have at least one blank wall, so you be ready to take the perfect selfie or OOTD at any moment in time.

Whether you are on a budget or decorating your first home, I hope these cool tips and tricks will help you achieve the Instagram worthy home of your Pinterest dreams.

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