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Beauty Product Review: Instanatural Retinol Moisturizer

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I have been suffering from acne scars for years.  And I have been searching for a product that can reduce the appearance of my redness and scars.  I was first introduced to retinol when I went to a dermatologist in high school.  After going a few times, she introduced me to a ton of products, and stopped using my retinol cream.

Before using this retinol moisturizer, I forgot what my skin was missing.  And now I have found it again!  After using Instanatural’s Retinol Moisturizer every night, I see an improvement in the overall appearance and texture of my skin.

The Retinol in the moisturizer repairs my skin, while the jojoba oil and Shea butter moisturize my skin.  And the green tea calms my skin and reduces redness.  Just a small pump of product can moisturize your whole face.

And the thick creamy consistency absorbs quickly in to the skin, improving the overall texture of your skin in seconds.

My skin has never looked better without makeup!  Try this product out: Click HERE!
**Sponsored by Instanatural**

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