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DIY: Slit Knee Jeans


I have been in love with the slit knee jeans from Topshop for about a year now, but as a college student I cannot pay $70-$90 dollars for a pair of jeans.  So, I decided to create a DIY project to create them.  And here’s how to pass off a pair of skinny jeans that cost $7.90 at Forever 21 for a pair of jeans that costs ten times the amount.

First, you have to try these jeans on.  Then mark the place where you want to cut the holes.

Slip the jeans off, take a pair of scissors and cut holes about one to two inches long.  This hole will probably get bigger with a few washes, so don’t make the hole too big.  

     Now, try your jeans on and check out your work!  I am in love with these.  Watch out for them in an upcoming lookbook!Want more? Don’t forget to Subscribe!And they honestly get better with each wash!  


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