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How to Mix Metals (Ring Edition)

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of rings.  But they are the most random shades of metallic.  At first glance, they would not go together, but with some clever tips and tricks, you can save a few dollars and start mixing metals from your jewelry collection.

The first trick is location.  I like to put bronze and antique gold pieces between my gold and silver rings.  So, there is no harsh contrast between one ring and another.  Mixed metals in stackable rings make the perfect combination because whether it be spikes or any similar design, the design will make the rings look like a set rather than individual pieces.

The mixed metal rings don’t have to be boring.  They can have shape, size, and even jewels.  There are five tips you should follow to create the perfect balanced look.

Don’t overcrowd your fingers.  If you have a large ring on your index finger, then don’t put a large ring on your middle finger. Basically, don’t put two large rings side by side.  You can balance out the heaviness of the index finger with a large ring on your ring finger.  Try to alternate the size and shape of the rings.

Don’t feel the need to put a ring on every finger.  I like to leave my middle finger and pinky finger bare because I don’t like the sound of the rings clinking together.

Play with height.  You can add knuckle rings to the mix to play with height and shape.

Be creative when mixing metals and you might be surprised at what might be your favorite combination.

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