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RVA Fall Fashion Weekend OOTN

I went to my first fashion show this past Saturday and I fell in love with everything from the show to the music.  Everything was perfect except the part where I had to pay $9 for parking because I did not receive a parking voucher from the people at the check-in desk.  Nine dollars is a lot for a college student.  That is a meal!  Ok, I’m done.   I could rant on and on, but I’m going to spare you guys the agony.

Any way, I got to the show super early like right when the doors opened at 7:00PM because I have never driven to Haxall Point before and wanted to give myself some extra time just in case I got lost.  Because a genius like me can get lost with a GPS.  Yeah, I know I got skills.  Luckily,
I didn’t get lost and arrived at the parking deck half past six and just admired the sunset from my car.  The sunset was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.  The orange and pink hues swirled in harmony and contrasted the tall angular buildings and reflected off the rippling waves of the James.

At 6:45PM, I decided to get out of the car and make my way towards the elevator.  I quickly found out that I had no idea where the elevator was.  So, after walking three flights of stairs in platform wedges and through the dark, rather empty parking deck, I found an elevator.  I pushed the little button and it began to glow red around the edges.  I nervously waited for the familiar ding to signal the elevator had arrived on my floor and got in to the gold mirrored elevator.  I pushed the floor to the Lobby and waited for the elevator to arrive on my floor.  Why I didn’t film this?  I have no idea.  Maybe, because I suck at vlogging?  Hopefully, I’ll get better at it.

Alright, so here was what I wore.  I chose this outfit via text with my bestie.  Because it being my first fashion show, I had no idea what I was going to wear and had the “oh my god, I have nothing to wear moment.”  I took a few deep breaths and opened the doors to my horribly disorganized closet and found some pieces that I am currently obsessed with!  I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about the 2 hour process, so I’ll skip to what I actually wore Saturday night.

Outfit Details:
Top: Free People (from Poshmark)
Shorts: Ebay
Watch: Swiss White/Rosegold
Midi Rings: Ebay
Gold Choker: Ebay
Wedges: Dolce Vita Girties
Watch: Swiss White/Rose gold
Stay tuned for the next post in this series: The Fashion show!

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