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How to Mix Metals (Necklace edition)

It has always been a fashion faux pas to mix gold and silver.  But I’m here to tell you it can be done elegantly and tastefully with a few tips and tricks to always keep in mind when mixing metals.

First, shape and size is a very important factor in mixing metals.
Second, the style and texture of the necklaces/bracelet/rings are also important to keep in mind.
Third, remember to have fun and express your style, you’ll be surprised how many compliments you’ll get!
How I mix metals
I love to layer delicate gold and silver necklaces together. 
An easy way to mix metals is to start off light.  
These dainty and elegant necklaces compliment each other beautifully.

Ready to take it to the next level?  
Mixing metals in statement necklaces.
I like to mix larger statement necklaces with smaller less flashy necklaces.
Bronze or Antique gold necklaces are great ways to mix gold and silver tone necklaces.

Ready to try the trend?
Comment down below how you would mix metals!

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