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Falling for layers

Fall is the time for layers because it’s always freezing in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  RVA has been having some amazing weather!  I am loving fall right now because I can wear my fuzzy cardigans and sweaters and I can still wear crop tops and shorts.  Fall is seriously the best season ever!  And here are some of my favorite fall combos!

Crop top, Shorts, and A Collared blouse

This is the perfect combo for you if it’s still a little warm outside.
For some added warmth, you can always add tights (my favorite are black tights)! 
And you can also switch out the collared shirt for a fuzzy cardigan or sweater.
If it’s cold, throw off your flats and slip your feet in to your favorite boots.

Stripes, Denim, and Cozy Sweaters
In my opinion, this is the perfect combo for those cold mornings and warm afternoons.
I’m pretty sure I’m wearing this striped shirt to death, but I love it!
I love playing with different stripe sizes, so I paired my shirt with a scarf.
For some warmth, I layered this outfit with a denim shirt and a cardigan.
This combo is great with leggings, black, blue, or burgundy skinny jeans!
And of course, you can’t forget the boots!
What do you like to wear in the fall?

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