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Aeropostale Reinvented

With midterms coming and paper due dates looming over us like a dark cloud, a little bit of retail therapy acts as a great stress reliever.  Inbetween classes, I decided to go down to the mall about 10 minutes from my school and did a little shopping.  By the way, shopping at the mall on Monday morning is like going to a ghost town.  NOBODY is around.  Anyway, I decided to walk in to Aeropostale.  I’ve been curious about how they have changed.  Because after middle school and early high school, I completely stopped shopping there.  It just wasn’t my style.  But after watching the You’ve Changed so We’ve Changed commercial on YouTube about five million times, I decided to go take a look.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find some awesome pieces that I have been looking for EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find.  Who knew I would find them at Aeropostale of all places?

Aeropostale really has changed.  Their new look is more affordable and more trendy.  They have jeggings for $12 right now and long sleeve shirts and sweaters selling for less than $25!  It’s insane.  I remember their stuff being so expensive a few years ago.  I will definitely be going back when I some money to shop.  Anyway, I was buying some summer pieces that were on a ridiculously awesome sale.

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A lot of the pieces I found were from a brand called “Map to Mars” and their style is quite similar to Brandy Melville.  I have been in love with Brandy Melville clothing items and accessories for years now, but I don’t have one nearby.  But now that Aeropostale has changed, I can honestly say I will definitely be going back for some winter pieces.  And the great thing about “Map to Mars” is that their clothes are not one size fits all.  They have sizes XS to XL.

The two crop striped tops I got from Aeropostale look really similar to the ones on Brandy Melville that are going for $20-$25.  And right now, they are on sale for $5.  Yes, $5!  I would be running to the mall if I were you to score these awesome deals!

Their mock neck crop top is very similar to the American Apparel ones that I have been drooling over all summer!  I found a polka dotted one for only $4!  Compared to the $32 that it costs at American Apparel.  I think I got a pretty good deal!  I know that American Apparel stuff is Made in the USA and I would love to support US companies, but I’m a college student that can’t afford their prices right now.  So, to Aeropostale it is!

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