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Get on the Dean’s List #DLVoxbox

From pulling all nighters to furiously running from one thing to the next, we all know what students from the Dean list look like, zombies.  Alright, I’m kidding (kind of).  We work hard to get on the Dean’s List.  We read and memorize and take notes till our hands are cramped around the pen.  We don’t give up and we get things done.  We set goals, achieve goals, and create new goals.  We don’t know when to give up.  And that’s a good thing.  Our perseverance paid off.

The Dean’s List VoxBox has everything you need to get on the Dean’s list (well, almost everything…textbooks are rather important).  From little candies (Airhead bites, because who wouldn’t love miniature pieces of Airheads?) to keep you awake during long night study sessions to little watermelon throat drops from Luden’s to soothe your aching throat before a presentation.  They got you covered from the time you head out of your dorm for class to a great party during the weekend.

For class, you always need more pens.  Who knows where pens disappear to?  I use the pen in one class and by the next it disappears.  I swear they run away from me!  This Vox Box has me covered with two Pilot FriXion Clicker pens: one in blue and one in black.  And guess what?  I know I’m a total dork, but I love the experience of using new school supplies from the smell of new folders to the sound of that first crack when you open a brand new notebook.  Well this Vox Box has spoiled me with these amazing pens that are erasable.  Yes, they are erasable!  They are not like the other pens that claim to be erasable.  These actually erase every little mark!

After class, your skin could look a little dull and your eyes may look a bit tired from all that studying and staring for multiple hours at your computer screen.  So, you decide to go out for the night.  But, your eyes look super tired.  You applied concealer, but there is still something missing.  LASHES!  Lashes can really open up your eyes and make you look more awake!

In the Vox Box there was a pair of KISS lashes to help you get ready for that awesome party, because you deserve it after such a long week!  And who can forget about chapped lips which will inevitably happen because coffee does not hydrate you like water!  And of course, the Dean’s List Vox Box has got you covered with the Softlips cube 5 in 1 lip care!  Plus, no outfit is complete without a great coat of nail polish over your nails.  And what is more classic than red?  The Sinful Colors no Text Red supports practicing safe texting!  This red color will jog your memory every time you reach for that phone behind the wheel!

And there is nothing worse than having that time of the month line up with exam week.  Hormones and stress do not mix well.  The Dean’s List Vox Box came with a box of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons to save the day.  And if you have massive cramps, my mom always told me to drink hot tea.  It really works to soothe and relax the muscles!

This Vox Box has seriously got me covered for any situation that comes my way!  
What are your college essentials?
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