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Funky and Fantastic: How to wear patterned socks

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!  Different is not always a bad thing.  A may seem like a bad thing when you feel like you don’t fit in or when you’re starting a new school.  But, trust me, being yourself is the best thing ever!  Who cares what other people think?   If you love what you’re wearing, then rock it!  Strut down every library aisle like it’s your own personal runway.  If you feel like people are staring at you, just ignore them and do what you do.  You’ll be a much happier person that way.

Well, this year I’m stepping out of my own comfort zone and I am loving it!  Who wants boring white socks when you can have awesome patterned socks!  Check these out.  I am in love with the mix of stripes and polka dots in these socks!  And they look super cute peaking out from my mid calf boots.

I also love pairing patterned ankle socks with my cut out boots.  It adds a cute and unexpected splash of color.

What ways do you rock patterned socks?
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