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Five Items to Make You Instantly Chic

Sometimes, we are just lazy.  It’s a fact we must face.  But even when we are lazy, no one else has to know.  We can look fabulous even when we feel and look like we’re ill.  Yeah, I’ve gotten that a few times.  When I really tired, apparently I look sickly without makeup on, anyway….

What are these five items?

  1. Midi skirts
  2. maxi skirts
  3. Loose tops
  4. Loose sweaters
  5. Heels

These five items that take almost no brain power to put together for an instantly chic outfit.   Midi and maxi skirts are an essential.  Paired with a graphic tee and some heels, these skirts will make you look like a million bucks even though you woke up late this morning (or pushed the snooze button one too many times).

Loose tops and sweaters are the comfiest things ever.  If you’re lazy like me and you’re pulling an all nighter.  You might as well throw on a loose top or sweater over a pair of leggings.  That way, you have nothing to worry about it the morning.  You’re already dressed!  If you have a presentation that day, then put on a cool statement necklace to jazz up you’re outfit.  This combo worn with a pair of boots embodies the season of fall.  For a more autumnal vibe, try wearing a floppy hat with this outfit, it’ll keep the sun out of your face and add another element to your look.  Who needs to know you rolled out of bed this morning with those clothes already on?  The answer is nobody, so sleep in for a few more minutes, just don’t be late for class!

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