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September 2014 Blog Feature

It’s time to feature another blog!  So, who will it be this month?  The Closet Confessional  This fashion blog breaks fashion faux-pas.  She is super relatable and has a killer fashion sense!  Her “Flip or flop” post is totally true.  People are always disgusted with flip flops, but let’s be real, who doesn’t wear them in the summer time?  You just want to go out and have fun and what’s easier than a pair of flip flops that you can just slip in and out of quickly and easily.

Her latest post: “Be Grateful” speaks to everybody who reads it.  In this society, so many people are busy running from point A to point B and not taking time to notice the blue sky above them or the people around them.  For me, this post was a nice little reminder to live life a little differently because life is not about getting from one place to another.  It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey you took to get there.

For more awesome posts, follow The Closet Confessional!

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