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From Dreams to Reality: The Dress You Have Always Wanted!

The hunt for the perfect fall dress is no easy task.  From having sleeves to having the perfect pattern, finding the fall dress I have been dreaming about has become an impossible task.  But eShakti has solved all my dress woes.  I now possess the perfect dress for fall with 3/4 length sleeves and a beautiful rich pattern filled with the colors of fall.  

eShakti is a website where you can customize any clothing item of your choosing on the site.  You can customize the sleeves, the length, and the measurements of the clothing item.  Originally, my dress did not have sleeves.  And I even got to choose which type of sleeve I wanted from a loose and flowy sleeve to a more fitted sleeve.  These customizations will bring out the designer in you!

I am in love with this dress and the little pom poms along the bottom hem.  It is beautiful and perfect.  The customer service at eShakti is so kind and patient.  Keep in mind that perfection takes time, so your custom order takes a while to be made and shipped out.  

Have a dress you want to make?  Check out eShakti to create your dream dress!

**Sponsored by eShakti**

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