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Bring Your Summer Glow in to Fall with Valentia Vitamin C Serum

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Summer is coming to an end and school is starting or has started for many of you.  But who doesn’t want to keep that beautiful summer glow we’ve all got from lying on the beach, hanging out at the park, or just strolling around under the summer sun.  

Your skin does not have to be dull during the fall or winter months.  Your skin can be glowing and bright.  The Valentia skin serum unlike many Vitamin C serum’s I’ve seen has 20% vitamin C.  This even glow serum really does give you an even glow.  

After the first use, my skin felt softer and smoother.  Because my skin is acne-prone I did see two very small spots on my face during the first few days of applying this serum.  But those quickly went away and my skin began to develop a healthy glow.  Plus, the refreshing orange scent of this serum just reminds you of summer.

Having combination skin, I usually notice flakes around the sides of my face and forehead.  But after two weeks of using this Valentia Even Glow skin serum, I no longer have dry patches!  The organic rosehip see oil and organic sea buckthorn oil help your skin to quickly absorb the serum and maintain moisture.  This serum also has green tea extracts which helps with inflammation of the skin. And if your skin is acne prone, this mean that your spots will look less red and inflamed.  

A serum’s ability to reduce darks spots is a really important factor for me because I used to have severe cystic acne.  And this left me with a lot of scarring.  And this serum is slowly reducing the dark spots on my face, especially the area around my cheeks.  

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**Sponsored by Valentia Even Glow Serum**

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