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Look Beautiful Without the Beauty Sleep

Look Beautiful

(Without the Beauty
makeup bag for school or work should contain the basics for a quick and easy
touch up because who has time to spend half an hour on their makeup?  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend
that extra fifteen minutes in the morning in my bed, under the covers. 
I like to keep my makeup very easy and fresh in the morning because there is no
way I can draw a cat-eye or do any type of fancy eyeliner work in the
morning.  I can barely draw a straight
line when I do my makeup in the afternoon, much less the morning. 
I brush my teeth and wash my face with cleanser.  I put on my favorite CC cream (or you can use BB cream if you prefer).  It provides the perfect amount of coverage, where
my skin tone is evened out and my face looks brighter.
of course you cannot live without concealer to cover those dark circles from
pulling all-nighters.  Don’t deny it,
you’ve done it before!  I dab concealer
under my eyes in a “v” shape, to lift and brighten my eye area.

I apply my eye-shadow primer to my lids. 
Because my primer is slightly shimmery, I sometimes just leave it as
this or I apply a light pink shade to my lids. 
I finish off my eyes with a little inner rim brightener from Tarte and a few swipes of my Calvin Klein ONE mascara.
my makeup is done, I pack my makeup bag. 
One mistake that many people make in packing a makeup bag is over-packing!  And I know I am guilty of this one.  But I think I may have found a fool proof way
to not over-pack. 
you need in your bag…
  • Lipstick/
My personal
favorite is Maybelline’s baby lips or color whisperer!
  • Translucent
    powder (for touch-ups)
  • Blotting
    sheets (you don’t want to be shiny!)
  • Mascara

to lift your
lashes when they start to drag…because it happens after six hours…which just
goes to show we are in school for WAY too many hours…

What do you have in YOUR makeup bag?  Comment down below!
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