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Three Ways To Layer Denim Shirts

Hello Beauties,
Inspiration is everywhere.  I saw a great outfit at Banana Republic on a mannequin with a nice short sleeve ivory sheer blouse over a long sleeve denim shirt.  They even accessorized the look with a great stack of statement necklaces.  I have been obsessing over this looks since I saw it a few days ago. But it is way too hot to wear layers right now.

This outfit got me thinking about how many ways I can layer a denim shirt.  I cannot wait for Fall now.  I can wait for the school work and the assignments, but I can’t wait for fall fashion and boots!  Boots, boots, and more boots.  I love my boots.  Can you tell?

My three outfits will all incorporate this one denim shirt from GAP. (From the Clearance section of course, it only costs six dollars!) 

And let the fun begin…

For this first outfit, I layered my denim shirt under a classic striped dress.  How much do you think I paid for this dress?  You will never believe it!  I thrifted this dress for a dollar!  Yes, one dollar.  Anyway, the denim shirt under the striped dress is a little plain, so I added a nice statement necklace.  I got this statement necklace for about six dollars on Ebay.  (If you can’t already tell, this girl is a bargain hunter!)

To add a little more dazzle, I paired this outfit with my sparkly chevron printed tights.  And finished off the outfit with my Dolce Vita Girties.  I love the height these shoes give me!  Plus, they are surprisingly easy to walk in.

In this second outfit, I layered my denim shirt under a nice ivory sheer blouse.   I kept the statement necklace from the previous outfit on and put a pair of dark skinny jeans.  All these pieces are basic pieces that are great investments in your closet.  You’ll get a lot of wear out of all of these pieces!  I paired this outfit with a great pair of mary-jane heels.  This outfit is totally work appropriate and its a good change from the usual blazer and blouse combo.

For my last outfit, I wore my denim shirt under this beautifully structured peplum top.  I love the blue collar contrasting with the clean white top.  I wore my dark skinny jeans with this combo, but you can easily swap the jeans for a pair of great fitting trousers!

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