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Lose 10 pounds in Two Months the Healthy Way

Hello Beauties,
Started working out March, worked out six days a week decreased to five days a week in April and now it’s two to three days a week in June and July and continuing through August.  Work just gets in the way of my workout time because my hours change from week to week.

healthy habits:
no snacking after dinner
drink more water
try not to eat processed foods
eat more fruits and vegetables

My workout consists of cardio and pilates and HIITILATES.  I use the workout calendar by Casey Ho of Blogilates.  She has amazing workouts that really get you toned and sore the next day.  She has beginners’ calendars for people just starting to workout too!  It’s not too late to create goals for the year.  It doesn’t have to start in January.  Goals can be made anytime and you can start working toward those goals any time you want.  The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll reach it.

And one more thing, dieting does not work!  Being healthy has to be a lifestyle.  I’ve lost ten pounds since March and I’ve never been happier with myself!  I’m halfway to my goal weight!  When I dieted and cut off all unhealthy foods.  I only lasted for a month without any type of chocolate or cookie or goldfish (I’m addicted).  Yes, I was at my goal weight, but was I really able to stick with it?  No, but I have found a healthier way.  Sure, I eat some chocolate and cheese cracker here and there, but I portion it so the calories won’t be too overwhelming.

When you’re snacking, put your snacks in a bowl rather than eat from the bag or box, that way you won’t be tempted to eat all of it!  And try to add in more fruits and vegetables in your diet.  I bought a water bottle with a fruit infuser chamber and I love it.  Strawberry is definitely my favorite fruit to put in my bottle!  And I find that I drink way more water with this bottle.

I am in no way certified dietician or trainer.  This is just what works for me and I though I’d share it with you.  If you have any tips to share, don’t forget to comment down below!

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