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Beauty Product Review: Makeup by One Direction

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Hello Beauties,
I have another beauty review for you guys!  I was so excited to receive my Limited Edition Makeup by One Direction keepsake!  I received the “Up All Night” keepsake.  And you can still win one by clicking HERE!

Too lazy to read?  Well, I filmed a fun Get Ready With Me video featuring Makeup By One Direction!

In the keepsake, there was…

One Direction doodle stencils

Liquilights lip gloss

Créme lipstick

Four eyeshadows

One glitter créme eyeshadow

Chubby pencils (eyeliner)

Little Black Dress mascara
Nail varnishes

The liquilights lip gloss goes on super smooth and does not leave your lips sticky.  It provides your lips with a beautiful sheen.  On top of the super creamy créme lipstick, the lip gloss brings out the fun bubble pink color even more!  Plus, the eyeshadows are super pigmented and a little really goes a long way.  The brush of the Little Black Dress mascara really gives you good length and separates your lashes really well.  Although, it doesn’t provide much volume.  But the nail varnish “Na na na” is awesome with a cool metallic sheen.  I feel like I have the nails of a mermaid!
**Sponsored by Brandbacker and Markwins International**

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