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Black on Black on Black…

Hello Beauties,
I am currently obsessing over monochromatic looks.  But I’m not thinking about colors.  I’m thinking about the classic black on black look.  You can never go wrong with black on black.  Which is why, when I travel anything black is an essential.

For outfit details click: Check out my outfit on WGWT!

This beautiful sheer top is from Poshmark (originally from Free People).  And I am in love with it!  It’s slightly oversized because I got a medium when I should have gotten a small.  I wore my long tank from Topshop underneath of this sheer top.  But for the summer I would probably pair this with some high-waisted shorts and a black bra.

The leggings are from Forever 21 and they were super cheap!  Can you guess how much they were?  $3.50, yes three dollars and fifty cents!  Isn’t that insane?  And of course, I had to pair this outfit with my cut-out boots.  I am in love with these boots!  Check out my review of them by clicking here!

There is just something about monochromatic looks that just make everything so instantly chic!  Maybe I’ll even attempt a white on white outfit?  Who knows?  How would you style black on black?  Comment down below!

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