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When to Shop

Hello Beauties,
As stores gear up for the big back to school sales, there are a lot of other sales too for you non-students.  All the merchandise from late spring and summer are going on sale!  Now is a great time to shop till you drop without putting yourself in financial trouble.

If there is one thing that my mother taught me, it is when and how to shop.  Growing up, my mother always shopped off-season, meaning she bought winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter.  And I always had the privilege of having more than enough clothes to wear.  For you bargain hunter beginners, here’s a quick list of when to shop for what.  Wrapped up with my experience in retail, this is a pretty solid list.

For winter clothes…

  • Late spring, all the winter clothes are going on sale to make room for the new spring stuff!
  • Early summer, there is always something left in the Clearance section, as long as you’re willing to dig, you’ll find your gem.
  • Or if you need it this year before it gets cold, there is always a few items at a great price on Black Friday or during the holiday sales, but that is only if you’re willing to brave the traffic and the crowds.
    • Tips for Black Friday: Look at advertisement papers and mark where you will go and what you will buy.  Don’t go browsing.  With this large amount of people, there is no time for browsing, you will miss all the good deals. 
    • I’ve picked up quite a lot of good stuff during Holiday sales.
      • Sephora’s annual 20% off is around mid-November to early December, so stock up on all your necessities!
      • Online shopping- there are always good deals around this time of year, so get that ONE thing you’ve been dying to have.  The prices won’t get any better than this if they’re a brand name item.
For spring/summer clothes…
  • Mid-July to early August is usually the best time to shop for three reasons:
    • You can buy spring clothes that will transition your wardrobe from summer to fall
    • Get some cute summer frocks to end the summer on a high note and keep them till next year
    • Plus, if there is any late winter to early spring clothes on sale then you have a great fall/winter wardrobe ahead!

Have any other tips to add, comment down below to share your shopping secrets!
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