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Review of Dr. Martens Whitley Boot

Hello Beauties,
My love for Dr. Martens only grows infinitely bigger with each boot I purchase.  I am seriously in love with these slip on boots.  They are super comfy plus they are the perfect addition to ANY (seriously, any…) outfit from shorts to jeans to dresses.  The leather, unlike Dr. Martens traditional 1460 lace up boot, is super soft and does not require any breaking in.  

I wore my boots for the first time to work an eight hour shift and my feet never felt better.  While my cherry red 1460 boot after months of sore feet are still a bit stiff around the toe area.  I am totally in love with this boot but I do have some things I would hope Dr. Martens would change about the boot.

1. The shaft of the boot is too narrow, making the putting on of this shoe a bit difficult if you did not go up a size
(I went up a size but my feet slide around the boot if I don’t wear thick socks)
2. I wished the shaft was not only wider but taller.
(This girl loves her riding boots and you can’t beat Dr.Martens fabulous quality!)

Other than those few concerns, I am head over heels in love with these boots.  With the narrow shaft aside, these boots are true to size.  If you’re a half size I recommend going down to the whole size because leather does stretch and because I’m an eight and a half and my feet I sliding in my size nine boots.  Have any other questions about Dr. Martens, comment down below!  I’ll be happy to answer them!
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**Post is not sponsored by Dr. Martens.  All products were purchased with my own money**

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