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Summer Makeup Tips

Hello Beauties,
I’m going to give you some tips on how to survive the summer heat without looking like you’re melting.  We all want to look effortlessly flawless but not everyone is fortunate enough to have the time or the money to have a full makeup team to prep us every morning.

My go-to-products are:
Studio Gear CC cream
CK mascara
Wake me up concealer
Physician’s Formula powder
Blotting sheets

I cannot stand heavy make-up during the summer.  I just feel like my face is melting off.  And it looks like my face is melting off when I put on a full face of makeup.  So, I try to keep it light.  Instead of wearing foundation, I put on my Studio Gear CC cream because it evens out my skin tone, while providing great moisture and giving my skin SPF 15 to protect it from the sun.  SPF is important people!  You want the secret to looking young?  SUNSCREEN!!!  The sun damages your skin. Your skin loses elasticity over time and the sun is advancing the loss of elasticity.  So, remember to put on sunscreen whenever you go outside!

After applying my CC cream, I dab some concealer underneath my eyes and set it with my physician’s formula translucent powder.  Throughout the day I blot my face with blotting sheets, so I won’t look like an oil slick.  Blotting sheets are my lifesaver in the summer time!

The best thing to do for your skin honestly, is probably to go bare face because your skin needs to BREATHE!  Makeup can clog your pores even if it says it doesn’t.  You are slapping gunk on your face to hide the imperfections on your face.  And sometimes these products are what is causing the imperfections!  Well, anyway I reviewed most of these makeup products before, so if you have acne prone skin, you may want to give those a read.

What other tips would you have for makeup in the summer?

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