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Beauty Product Review: Calvin Klein One Color Mascara

Hello Beauties,
I have my promised review of the CK One Color Mascara.  I got this mascara in January from Ulta for my birthday gift.  And it is fabulous!  This mascara does not smudge!  Although it is not a waterproof mascara, it does not smudge, even on my bottom lashes.  I am obsessed with putting mascara on my bottom lashes.  I think it really opens up my eyes and makes me look more awake, especially the morning after watching YouTube videos till 3AM…
Anyway, this mascara does it all, lengthens and adds volume to my lashes with a brush wand that extends and condenses to really coat every lash!  I am in love.

Being Asian, I have very short and sparse lashes.  And my lashes also usually don’t hold a curl very well.  I curl my lashes before applying this mascara with the brush all the way lengthened.  Then I coat my lashes again with the brush condensed (and all you need to do to change the brush is twist the cap at the top!).  These two coats usually do the trick for me.  I would then proceed to coat my bottom lashes and wait for my top lashes to dry.  After that I will finish off my mascara routine with curling my lashes a second time, so the curl really stays all day!

What’s your favorite mascara?  To buy this mascara, click here!

**I was not sponsored by Ulta or CK to do this post.**

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