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Hello Beauties,
I hope all of you have had a wonderful day.  I have something to share with you!  (What’s new, right?)  Well, I want to share with you these beautiful clutches I found on the internet. These clutches are NS by NOOF.  The designs on these clutches are inspired by the designs of Arabia and the historic Andalusian empire.  I have never seen anything more beautiful than these clutches.  The delicate gold metal work on each clutch is a beautiful pieces of art that is highlighted by the magnificent stone clasps at the top of each clutch.

Noof Al Shekar, the designer of these clutches, picks each stone and draws each intricate design of every clutch by hand.  Her clutches are a true work of art.

These clutches can be found on Wowcracy along with many other fabulous designers!
And you can pre-order these clutches now!
For more information about NS by NOOF, check out her Wowcracy project page…
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