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The Summer Fashion Uniform

Hello Beauties,

I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer vacation so far!  Most schools are already out for the summer, but if you’re still in school, you can do it!  You’re so close and those exams are going to a piece of cake, right?
Well, if you’re studying to the point where you’re brain feels likes its melting, then you need a well-deserved break.  Just close your eyes, smell the salt water in the air, feel the cool ocean breeze, and the sand squishing between your toes!  You’re so close to being finished!

So, what are you wearing this summer?

I know you’ve thought about it.  I have been in love with high-waisted shorts, especially this loose fitting pair, I just thrifted!  I’m in love!  It’s a loose fit, so I have to wear a belt with it.  And I love wearing this with a cropped top or lace top because I love the girly contrast with the more masculine loose fit.  And I cannot finish any outfit this summer without my Jeffrey Campbell Everwells!  They are my go to shoe for everything!  After some breaking in, these shoes are going everywhere this summer!

Want my outfit?

Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!
The Summer Fashion Uniform includes:
*High-waisted shorts
*Cropped tops
*Sheer tanks
*Loose raceback tanks
*Light-weight strappy dresses
*Tent (trapeze-style) sleeveless dresses
*Cut-out boots
*Ankle boots
*Peep-toe booties
*Platform (Flatform) sandals
*Flat sandals
*Flip-flops (because who can live without these in the summer)

Did you get all that?  These are all the trendy pieces that are everywhere this summer!  And I think this list is perfect to beat the summer heat!  But personally, I still love mixing in some classics!  I am on the hunt for a loose fitting striped t-shirt, which I’ll probably find in the mens or little boys section at the thrift store.  Well, do you have anything YOU want to add to the list?  Comment down below!

Check out my review of my Jeffrey Campbell Everwell boots!
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