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Review: Jeffrey Campbell Everwell boots

Hello Beauties,
How have your weeks been?  I hope all of you are enjoying the summer!  We have been having rainy days for the past three days now in RVA and it’s still raining!  Well, the rain has stopped yet again from taking photos, so I’m doing a much anticipated boot review.

Today, I’ve reviewing my Jeffrey Campbell Everwell boots.  These boots have seriously been everywhere and it’s only the third week in June.  I wear them all the time.  The first time I wore them, they gave me some pretty nice blisters.  And the second time I wore these boots, I got another one.  The leather in these shoes, like most new leather shoes are hard, so I knew they took some breaking in.  But after wearing them for some time now, the leather has begun to mold to my feet.  The heel in these shoes are perfect for providing a little bit of support and giving me a good helpful two inches to what I lack in height.

I have been seeing Jeffrey Campbell shoes everywhere!  And there are so many fashion bloggers out there sporting these shoes.  So, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair of these boots!  I loved the fun colored shoe box!  I also really liked that these boots came with little bags, so if you want to travel with these boots, they have their own designated bag.

There are only two things that I don’t love about these boots.  The first is how easily they scuff.  The first time I wore these shoes, I scuffed them.  Two nice white marks on the sides of my shoe.  The second thing I don’t like about these shoes is the shoes lining.  For a hundred dollar shoe, I thought the lining would be better.  The lining of the shoe around my toes has already come off and whenever I wear the shoes I feel the lining bunching up under my toes.

However, there are many things that I love about this shoe that outweigh the bad stuff, mostly.  I love that the boots have cut-outs, one of the many reasons why I bought them.  I love that the boot has a zipper down the ankle so you don’t have to buckle the two buckles every time you put the shoe on because that is a pain.  And I love that its an ankle boot, so it works in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.  I also love that these boots go with everything!

If you have any questions about these boots, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try to answer your questions the best I can!

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