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The Answer to Our Fashion Dilemmas

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Hello Beauties,
I know this post is a bit late but it’s still Wednesday somewhere…well, I have a cool new website to tell you about!  I know I struggle to put outfits together sometimes (Yeah, I know…I shouldn’t admit that since I fancy myself a fashion blogger, but it’s true).  And you want to know the reason, why, right?  Well, it’s because I’m sometimes very narrow minded.  I have this one piece that I really want to wear and supposedly nothing to go with it.  But there is always something that could go with the outfit that maybe I haven’t thought about yet.  So, instead of playing dress up for hours by myself (which is quite fun, I think…And I’m not too old to do that!)

I have a new option.  I can go on to WGWT (What Goes With This?)!  I can pick out pieces I like such as a shirt or a pair of shoes or a necklace that I’m in love with and have no idea what to pair the piece with, I can make a request for others to create an outfit for me!  You can follow people with similar styles to you and we can all conquer our fashion dilemmas.

I have a badge to the left that you can click and follow!  I have found some awesome pieces on this site already!  I just wish I had the money to buy it all!  WGWT has become more addicting than Pinterest. (I know isn’t that scary to hear!)  This site has pieces ranging from ETSY to NastyGal to JCRew.  WGWT has everything you want and never thought you needed until you set your eyes on it.

Check out this casual cool outfit I made to go with the striped Zara top and patched jeans!
Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

Want to create a cool outfit or check out some of the accessories?  Don’t forget to click on WGWT, this will take you straight to the website where you can make your dream closet a reality with these awesome pieces and outfits that are tailored just for you!

*Sponsored by WGWT*

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