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WTF? Women’s sizing and Body Image

Hello Beauties,
It’s monday!  And if it’s your first day out from school, I’m really jealous.  I still have two more weeks, well three weeks if you count exam week.  Today, I’m going to tackle the problem with women’s sizing.
I’m pretty sure all of us have noticed that every brand has their own perception of size.  Even though the number on the pants is the same in two different stores, the size is very different.  Here’s an example of what I mean:

In H&M, I wear a size 6/8
GAP: 2
Old Navy: 2
Decree (JCpenney brand): 5
JCrew: 26
Levi’s: 28 or size 3
Calvin Klein: 29
Aeropostale: 4
American Eagle: 3
Celebrity Pink Jeans: 9
American Apparel: L/27/28/29

See the problem?  All of these sizes equal to the same 26/27 inches in waist, but they all have a different number.  WHY???

A lot of girls, including me a few years ago, would be horrified at how they can be a size 2 in one store and an 8 in another one.  But all those pants sizes are just a number.  What is important is being healthy by eating right and exercising.  If it helps, go grab a few pants sizes to take to the dressing room, mix them up, and when you’re trying them on DON’T look at the number.  Get pants that fit, not pants that will fit when you lose those five pounds.

I can honestly say I will never be a size 0.  I will never be 5’8”.  And I will never look like a supermodel.  The best thing I can do is be the healthiest best ME possible.  Growing in an Asian family, I’ve been called fat.  My thunder thighs have been repeatedly pointed out.  Asian families say these things in order to help you, supposedly.  But what most of them don’t understand is how hurtful those words can be when you’re young.  They don’t mean to be mean, but it just comes across that way to a young, self-conscious girl.

But I work, I exercise and I try hard to keep a fairly healthy diet.  I will never be as thin as those Korean drama stars.  It took me 20 years to understand this.  I have always been self-conscious of my weight and my fat legs.  But I am healthy and that is what matters.  I am not fat and I am healthy.  And those pants sizes don’t matter because there just a size.  As long as the pants are flattering and feel good on my body and make me feel good to wear them, why does it matter what size they are?

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