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Beauty Product Review: Maybelline Color Whisperer

Hello Beauties,
I hope you guys are enjoying lip week!  And for those of you who are graduating soon, just graduating, or just finished with exams, congratulations!  You guys did it!  I, though, have three more weeks.  How much slower can these three weeks pass?
Well, to ignore and procrastinate even more on my lit paper, I have a beauty product review for you!  I bought the Maybelline Color Whisperer in Coral Crave (one of my favorite lip colors at the moment).

I was just browsing around Ulta one afternoon, not intending to buy anything and walked out with a bag full of makeup goodies.  What happened?  Well, this lipstick was one of the things I ended up getting along with some other stuff.  I was looking through the clearance section at Ulta and found some bottles of shampoo and conditioner for less than three dollars!  How could I pass this up?  With my arms full of shampoo and conditioner bottles, I still decide that I’m going to check out what kind of sale they have on drugstore products.  And like always, Ulta has there famous buy one get one 50% off.  You know, I can’t pass up a good deal.  And I also find that I always find a crap ton of stuff to buy when I don’t grab a bag on my way end.  What the heck?  I’m pretty sure all the Ulta sales associates just think I’m stupid for always holding an armful of stuff…has this happened to you?
Anyway, I ended up getting this lipstick along with some of Maybelline’s Baby lips lip balm, which if you missed that beauty product review, don’t forget to check it out by clicking here!

What did I think about the color whisperer that I have been hearing from other beauty bloggers and beauty gurus on Youtube for months now?  I…HHHH…..A… (just kidding)…LOVE IT!  This lipstick is not drying, has great color, and goes on really smooth.  What’s not to like?  I mean check out that snazzy packaging.  Come on, tell me you wouldn’t buy that.  Want to try this out?  Pick it up at your local Ulta or Target!

Excuse me, while I go browse through Target and Ulta and buy the whole stand…
**This post is not sponsored by Maybelline.**

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