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How to Look Effortlessly Chic

Hello Beauties,
I hope all of you have had a good week!  It’s finally Friday! And the weather in RVA just can’t make up its mind.  We’ve gone from hot 80 degree summer weather to waking up the next morning in 35 degree fahrenheit weather!  So, layering is a must this spring in RVA.  
With school winding down and exams coming up, we’ve all had our fair shares of waking up late and not having time to get dressed.  Instead of wearing another t-shirt and leggings combo for the third or maybe fourth, possibly even fifth (don’t worry I’m not judging because I know I’ve done the same) time this week, there is a way to look put together without any trouble!
Of course, all these rules assume you can actually find anything in your closet.  Yeah, I understand.  I’m in the process of redecorating my room and getting a six drawer dress.  In other words, all my shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and other such nonsense are on my floor.  Yeah, it’s bad.  But in a few more weeks, when the dresser gets here, my room will be clean for the first time in months!
Alright, tangent aside…to the rules!  There’s only two simple rules to follow.
First rule: Neutrals!  Don’t have any, buy some!  Neutrals are your best friend when your are in a rush.  And neutrals don’t have to be boring, check out my scarf, it’s printed!  Yes, prints can be neutrals.  Leopard shoes are the perfect accessory to any outfit.  They go with everything!
Second rule: Structure!  Play around with proportions, don’t make the outfit boring!
For a more relaxed look, like for class, try a pair of black jeggings and an oversized sweater.  The printed scarf add interest and the sweater will keep you warm in those frigid classrooms.  I seriously think our colleges just want us to become popsicles.  Baggy jeans and oversized sweater is not a good combination, the clothes will just swallow you up!
For a more put together or work appropriate look, replace the jeggings with a pair of fitted black slacks, a neutral blouse, and a blazer.  Investing in a neutral blouse could save your life. I’m serious!  The neutral blouse will go with everything and anything!  You won’t regret buying it!  And you’ll be so happy to have it, when you’ve woke up late and you have to rush out the door one morning!  If you’re feeling a little daring, you can always try wearing a peplum with that blazer, structure and interest, all in one! Still have a few minutes to spare, throw on a statement necklace.  Who said you got dressed in 5 minutes?  You’ll look fabulous, like you put hours of thought in to your outfit.  Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.
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