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Diversity Thrift Haul: Spring 2014 Edition

Hello Beauties,
I hope you guys survived your Monday!  I have been sore for the past few weeks in various muscles groups from Blogilates April Abs calendar, but I’m super happy to have started this journey!  And I’m here on this Wednesday to share with you a thrift haul!
So, I went thrifting with a list of stuff I wanted to be on the look out for.  But like much thrifting experiences, I tend to find things I never thought I needed till I saw it.  Whenever I go thrifting I have things I want in mind like glassware, cardigans, dresses, or rompers.  But I never go in thinking I want to find brand names.  Sometimes I’m just lucky.  And this time I was really lucky.

I was walking around the dress section of Diversity Thrift and ended up in the coat section.  I decided to do some browsing when this long brown coat caught my eye.  I stopped by it, looked at it and decided I have enough coats already.  I mean I just bought three of them from Zara’s clearance sale a few months ago.  So, I kept on moving.  But I as I made my way around the store, I found myself back at that coat.  This time, I picked it up and began to admire the softness of the thick coat.  When, I unzipped the coat and saw the tag. I almost began jumping for joy.  This coat was five dollars.  And it was Michael Kors!  This coat retails for two hundred something dollars!

I quickly grabbed the coat and walked away with my treasure.  This coat did have a small hole, where a button used to be, but I sewed up the hole and after the coat is zipped and buttoned, you can’t even tell there was a hole.

After grabbing my coat off the racks, I ended up face to face with a small rack clustered with purses.  I began to browse the rack without any interest.  Until, I found my hands grasped on to this cute little bag.  I picked it up and examined the purse in more detail.  Other than the slightly rusted buckle, this purse was in perfect condition!  I had no intention to buy it but when I saw the price and the label.  I couldn’t pass it over!  This bag was only three dollars and it was Coach!

On the sides of this bag, there were two gold hooks, where I would believe a shoulder strap would have attached.  So, I began to look through the piles of brown purses.  And spotted this cute little bag!  
And this bag has detachable straps, I can use for the Coach purse.  Plus, this bag with its cute buckle detail would make a great little clutch!
I can never leave a thrift store without checking out their neutrals section!  And I found not one, but two little cute cardigans from Banana Republic and JCrew and a cute little lace collar top.

 Before I left the thrift store, I decided to make one more round through the dress section, just for good measure.  And I found this adorable little romper with a great floral print!  I just know this romper will become a summer staple of mine!  This romper did need a little DIY, but it was super easy.  The romper had three little odd loops on the bust of the romper.  I would guess that’s where three little buttons used to be, so I sewed on some brown buttons.  And now I am hemming the raw edge off the bottom of the romper.  After that is done, this romper would be a great, fun piece to dress up or down this summer!

I hope you guys enjoyed my thrift haul.  And if you want any thrifting tips, don’t be afraid to ask.  It might actually be the topic of my next post!  Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll talk to you guys soon!  What have you thrifted lately?

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