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My First Vox Box!

Hello Beauties,
I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!  I was so excited to see what was in my mail box this Saturday!  I was on my way to work and just had feeling there was something waiting for me in the mail box. You ever get one of those?  Just a feeling that you should do something?  Well, anyway I got that feeling and decided to check the mail box before I went to work.  And there it was…my first Vox Box!
I was so excited when Influenster emailed me about my Vox Box just a few short days ago!  And I could not believe how quickly it was shipped to me!

I knew I was going to be sent a redemption coupon for their Ultra thin Cheese, which by the way is delicious!  I got the pepper jack cheese and it makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich!  The ultra thin slices melt so quickly and beautifully.  Just typing this is making my mouth water!

I was so surprised to find this super cute polka dot lunchbox in my Vox Box too!  It was super cute and I know that I will be packing my lunch in style now!  Who says a lunch box can’t be an accessory?

**This box and all the products inside was given to me by Influenster**
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I hope you guys have an awesome day and if you want to see more from me, don’t forget to subscribe! And what’s your favorite type of cheese?  Do you like the sharpness of cheddar or the mildness of mozzarella?  Maybe even the spiciness of pepper jack?  Comment down below!
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