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How to fashionably layer long sleeved shirts with dresses

Hello Beauties,
If you miss my guest post on NYC Fit Food Fashion, here it is!  I have been in love with the layered look.  I’m not just talking about cardigans, jackets, and coats.  But I’m talking about long sleeved shirts with dresses.  We see it everywhere.  But how do we pull off this look?  Well, here are three tips on how to look effortlessly chic.

  1. Keep the colors/ prints simple.
  2. Use lightweight fabrics.
  3. Match the style.
Alright, I think some elaboration is needed. The above look from Zara uses a simple color palette.   The similar color palette between the dress and the shirt helps tie the look together.   And the lightweight fabrics prevents the model from looking too bulky.  And what I mean by match the style is don’t put two pieces that don’t go together.  If you’re going for a girly look, the one above from Zara is the perfect example.  If you’re going for a more minimalistic look like the one below, pair classic pieces such as the white button up with a structured dress. That way the colors are simple, the fabrics are light, and the style is put together.  With these three tips, you can’t go wrong!

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted
Button up: thrifted
Necklace: small boutique in Canada (Sorry, I can’t remember the name…)
Boots: I stole these from my mother…

Outfit Details:
Top: from my mother’s closet
Dress: Thrifted
Boots: from my mother’s closet
Thoughts on these looks?  Comment down below!

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