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Beauty Product Review: Studio Gear CC Cream

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Hello Beauties,

I have another beauty product review for you guys!  I have been searching for a good CC cream for the longest time.  I was hoping the CC cream would cut down on my morning makeup routine.  And I have to say that it does!  No longer, do I have to apply moisturizer, then primer, and get out my makeup brushes to apply foundation.  I just apply the CC cream and I’m done.  The cream is white and blends beautifully in to the skin and provides a great sheer coverage.

                Before application, look at the redness!       What the cream looks like, without blending.

The CC cream has a translucent coverage and makes your skin super soft!  I just cleansed my face for the night and my face feels so smooth and soft.  I have to stop myself from touching my face so much!  The consistency of the CC cream is super creamy and blends beautifully in to the skin.  I have combination skin and the CC cream does a pretty good job of keeping my face just slightly dewey throughout the day.  Because I have used other BB creams before and my face looked like an oil slick just an hour after application.  I also have acne prone skin and this CC cream does not break me out!

               Just applied, look at that bright skin!           A few hours later, still looking great!

Here is what I look like before and after applying the Studio Gear CC cream.  As you can see, it very subtly takes away the redness around my nose and evens out my skin tone all over my face.  It is the perfect no makeup makeup look!

I even have a discount for you guys!  You guys can get 10% off with this code: bloggercc
The discount code will take 10% off you shopping cart at www.studiogearcosmetics.com!  Go ahead, shop a little, they have some great products!

**This post was sponsored by Studio Gear.**
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