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Confessions of a Shopaholic Day 4: Sticking with New Habits

Hello Beauties,
Happy Friday, Friday, Friday!  (I’m truly sorry if I got that song stuck in your head, but if what I just said triggered that song, then maybe I’m not that sorry…) Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying the little buds of spring weather!  I am loving the warmer weather and can’t wait to break out those cropped tops and high waisted shorts that have been sitting oh so patiently in my closet through the winter months.

I’m sad to say that I did cave and ended up buying the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation.  I have to say that this foundation really lives up to all the hype!  I will probably do a more detailed review of it really soon.  I know the foundation is pricey, but since it only take a few dots to cover your whole face.  It’s worth it. I promise I will not buy anything else that I don’t need.  I’ll just stick with food and drinks (and Starbucks because I’m a caffeine addict!).  I don’t buy Starbucks everyday, just about once a month for a small treat for myself.

Alright, back to the content of this post, creating new habits.  I have gotten in the habit of doing my thigh exercises and my six pack march routine, but I have to say it is so hard to get myself out of my desk chair and on to the floor to do these exercises.  The combination of lack of sleep and just mental exhaustion from school just makes me want to stay in my large comfy chair. But I make myself get up every night and complete those exercises.  I always feel better after doing them.  For me, the hardest part is always getting myself up to do those exercises.  And if you want to do these exercises with me, here are the links from Pinterest:

I just wanted to say that I’m not promoting a thigh gap, nor am I aiming to get a thigh gap.  I am aiming to get rid of the flab around my thighs, so that I’m less jiggly.  After three weeks of doing those thigh exercises I feel how much stronger my legs are.  They are getting more toned and I’m happy with the results I’m seeing so far.  Not everyone is meant to have a thigh gap.   I have a pear shaped body, a thigh gap is just not going to happen.  And I’m okay with that.  All I’m aiming to do with these exercises is to become healthier.  I am in no way shape or form a professional at any of this stuff, but I’m just sharing my thoughts and the general information that I have came across.  Alright, rant over, lets get back to the post, shall we?

Other than that splurge in Sephora for the foundation, I’ve been doing pretty good.  I have not browsed through any online store sales, so the temptation to impulsively buy things is gone.  I’m trying to train myself to only buy things I have thought through.  So, far it’s proving quite hard.  Because whenever I see something I really want, I scour the internet for a good deal and before you know it.  I bought it.  Whatever it is.  Without online window shopping, I have so much more time to kill through the day.  But, guess what, I’m still not productive with my new found time.  I’m just on Pinterest for that much longer.

So, I hope you guys are still enjoying these posts!  This will probably be the next to last post for this series!  And if you missed any days in this series:

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