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Beauty Product Review: ELF products

Hello Beauties,
I have not done a makeup review in so long!  But I have been using a few ELF products for three months now.  I bought the ELF waterproof mascara in black, the ELF concealer and highlighter in medium/ Glow, the ELF makeup setting spray, the ELF blending eye brush, the ELF powder brush, and the ELF defining eye brush.

ELF Makeup Review

The ELF waterproof mascara in black is one of my favorite mascaras and a total lifesaver!  I bought the Physician’s Formula mascara a few months ago and was super excited to try it out.  But the mascara was quite disappointing and smudged so easily.  I had raccoon eyes because of the smudging.  And that is not a pretty look.  But with the ELF waterproof mascara over the physicians formula mascara, there is zero smudging!  This mascara is awesome and only costs $1.00!  The formula does clump up in a few months on the brush.  But, as long as you wipe off the excess before you swipe it through your eyelashes, it’ll be fine.  I still think it’s better than my $9.00 Physician’s formula mascara.

The ELF makeup setting spray for $3.00 is not quite worth it.  Many people said this product is comparable with the MAC makeup setting spray.  I have never used the MAC makeup setting spray before, but I can tell you that the ELF makeup setting spray did nothing for me.  It did not help my makeup last longer.  It actually made my face really, really shiny about an hour or so after application.   So, I still had to blot my face and apply setting powder.

The ELF concealer and highlighter was either $2.00 or $3.00 at Target.  And the concealer works pretty well as long as your face is not dry.  I could not apply concealer under my eyes in December and January because the area underneath my eyes were super dry and the concealer just highlighted this fact.  But now that the weather is warming up and my face is less dry, the concealer works great!  The highlighter on the other hand does highlight your face, but like the concealer, if you have dry skin, the highlighter emphasizes that even more!

The ELF brushes for $1.00 to $2.00 each did not let me down!  These brushes are comparable with my ECO tools brushes and Ulta brushes.  They do not shed even after multiple washes and have quite soft bristles.  I will have to try their concealer and foundation brushes soon!

So, that is my review of the few ELF products I have been using, if you guys have any suggestions about other ELF products I should try, please comment down below!

And I will now be posting a new blog post every Monday and Friday!  So, stay tuned!

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*And I was not sponsored to write this review.  All reviews are my honest opinion.*

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