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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Day 3 Creating New Habits

Hello Beauties,
After two and a half weeks of no online browsing, no promotional emails, and no charges of any kind to my credit card.  I feel good.  I think I’ve gotten over the rest of it.  But like many failed attempts at dieting or regular exercises, I usually fail after about a month or so.
Instead of online shopping or any type of shopping, I have begun to occupy my times in other ways.  I’ve begun to do short ten to twenty minute workouts every night.  I have been sleeping more because I’m trying to prevent myself from snacking after dinner.  I wake up early to do my homework and I try to get in a good breakfast before school.  All in all, it looks like things are going great!  But, like many things in life, there is a slight downside.
I think I procrastinate so much more that I used to (which I thought wouldn’t be possible…).  I get nothing done at night.  I save all my homework to be done in the morning, which means I wake up at like three AM!  (Which by the way is insane, and nobody should be up that early ever!)
Aside from that, I am getting better with exercising.  I’m doing Six-pack March and thigh stretches and exercises to see if I can slim my thighs down and have a flat stomach by April!  I’m trying very hard, but chocolate is always calling to me.  You know the saying abs are made in the kitchen, well I just have to say that flab is so much easier to make because that chocolate cake and stack of pancakes looks awesome.
And I’m making an ongoing wish list of make-up stuff that I need to buy (want to buy), but I want them so badly I think I need them.  Resistance is very hard right now.  If I ever go in to a Sephora or Ulta someone needs to smack me across the face before I buy everything in sight.  So, I’ve breaking out lately, so I’m looking in to buying a heavier foundation than the one I have, which is Bobbi Brown’s skin foundation.  I’m thinking about the Tarte Amazonian clay, but I’m not supposed to be buying anything.  Should I buy it?  Every time I look in the mirror, that huge zit on my face is telling me I should go get the foundation…

Well, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and stay warm!  Hopefully spring weather will be here soon!

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