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DIY Designer for Less: Knotted T-shirt

Hello Beauties,
I finally have another DIY segment.  I was procrastinating on homework doing some online window shopping.  When I found this top

Basically, it’s a loose fitting t-shirt with a knot.  
This is the Alina Modal and silk-blend T-shirt by KAIN.  It is originally priced for $95.  
On the Outnet, it’s on sale for $58.
But I refuse to pay that price for a t-shirt that has a know in it, when I can make it myself for a fraction of the cost.  Yes, I know this shirt has a silk-blend and the prices reflect the quality.  However, I am a college student and a $58 dollar t-shirt is just not worth it.
So, here is how I made my shirt for only $5.  Honestly, this DIY could be free if you already have a long loose fitting t-shirt (basically a men’s t-shirt) just hanging around and a pair of scissors.

First step: Flip your t-shirt inside out
Second step: lay your t-shirt down flat and try to smooth out most of the wrinkles
(this will help you cut straighter and cleaner lines)
Third step:  Cut the bottom seam off the t-shirt
Now you have a raw edge, stretch the t-shirt, so that the edge rolls over.
Fourth step: Flip the t-shirt right side out
Fifth step: Now, we make the knot.
Fold the T-shirt in half hot dog style.  Then, take your scissors and cut only the outmost layer.  Use your fingers to drag the inside of the shirt away from the scissors (unless you want some holes in the back of your shirt…)  Cut about two inches down the length of the shirt.

Sixth step: Unfold the t-shirt.  Lay the shirt flat and continue cutting up the shirt for another three inches or so.
Seventh step: Now, take the two loose ends and tie them together to make a knot.  If you don’t want a hole tie the knot tight, so that no hole will be visible.  
Eighth step: Wear your shirt proudly!
Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you guys have an awesome day!  And I’ll talk to you guys soon!  Bye!  Enjoy this DIY?  Subscribe for more!

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