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Confessions of a Shopaholic Day 2 1/2: Changing the Habit

Hello Beauties,
So, I just wanted to say that changing a habit is quite hard.  I’ve already unsubscribed myself from all store sale and promotion emails.  And I’m trying really hard to not go online window shopping because no matter how many times I tell myself I’m just looking.  It’s a lie because I can never say no to a good sale.  I’m only allowing myself to search through Pinterest if I need a fashion fix because I know that I can’t just buy it off the site like Polyvore or Luvocracy.  So, if you follow me on Pinterest, I’m sorry about taking over your feed.
And just a small word of advice, if you’re hungry don’t go looking through the food and drink section of Pinterest!  It just makes you more hungry and make you crave all the calories in the world.  And if you follow my Guess what I’m craving board, people will probably think I’m pregnant because of all the random food I crave through the day.
All right, I started this “changing the habit” thing on February 16, 2014, so it’s now been ten days.  Only four more days to kick the habit!  I can do this!  And I also really want a vanilla cupcake right now.  Well, have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

Can you believe it?  Three posts in one week!  Woohoo!  (And if you play Sims, that was not what I was thinking of…)  I’m going to leave you with that.  And if you want to see more posts from me and see this series to the end, please subscribe and comment down below what bad habits you’re trying to end.

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