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February 2014 Blog Feature

Hello Beauties,
I hope you guys are enjoying February so far!  Personally, I cannot wait for February to end, so I can stop spelling February.  I always misspell it!
Well, I hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa on this cold winter night.  Cuddle up on the sofa or wrap yourself in a pile of soft blankets while I tell you about February’s blog feature!
Can you guess who it is from the picture?

It’s Harija Ravi from My Lyfe ; My Story!

She not only blogs about some cool fashion trends, but also gives you tips on how to pick the perfect wedding dress for a ceremony in any season!  And those gowns are gorgeous!  She has a great sense of style and an amazing personality.  So, what are you waiting for…click on the link and subscribe!  You won’t regret it!


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