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The Red Jacket Collaboration

 Hello Beauties,
I have some exciting stuff for you!  I started a blog collaboration with some fashion bloggers!  In this collaboration, each of us took a red coat and styled it multiple ways.  We each included a short description of our style to explain our interpretation of the red coat trend this fall and winter season!  I hope you guys enjoy!

The History of the Red Coat
by Georgiana

“I enjoy wearing
my red coat, although many might say it is not original at all. Red is very popular colour that is connected
with passion, love fire, but also with danger, sacrifice and blood. In Asia it
is a colour associated with happiness, but in some other countries it might be
associated with ideology. In old Rome a particular shade of red was reserved
only for the emperor.  During
the Baroque and Rococo era red heels were a symbol of person´s high status.
Later on the red colour was used on the caps of people supporting the
Revolution in France, it was symbol of liberty. When I look into the popular culture
of these days I can spot some associations with the red coat too: Evil Red Coat
in the series Pretty Little Liars or Crimson Avenger, did you know there is a tavern
called The Red Coat? It makes me wonder whether they have a dresscode in there.”


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Red for Tropical Weather
by Trish
About the looks — since I live in a tropical country, owning a red trench coat is out of the question because we only have two seasons. I made use of a red cardigan for this collab 🙂
(1) red cardi, simple sleeveless top & pants: this is what I usually wear to school, because we have a very (very!!!) strict dress code. Plus, some of my professors don’t allow us to wear sleeveless tops in class so I make sure to always have a cardigan with me!
(2) red cardi and black dress: this I would wear during Sunday dinners with the family.
(3) red cardi, white top and white shorts: when I have errands to do for the day, this would be my look. 🙂
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The Fashion Statement
by Juliet Ly
My first look was inspired by Parisian style.  I am absolutely in love with the effortlessly chic style that is Parisian Fashion!  I paired my blazer with distressed jeans and a plain tank.  I finished off the look with a pair of nude heels.  For my second look, I decided to go a little more bold.  I switched out the nude flats for a pair of leopard print platform wedges, the tank for a classic white tee, and the distressed jeans for a more loose style jean.  These two looks are sure to grab some attention and are perfect, fun casual looks for the day time.  For the night, we need to step it up a notch!  My night look with my red blazer, includes the perfect little dress This lace dress is super girly and fun, but the gold detailing and the structure of the red jacket really add some edge to my dress.  I finish off the look with my BCBGeneration gladiator sandals and I am off to a fun night out!

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Thank you so much for your collaborations!  I hope to work with all of you again!  And don’t forget to check out these blogs!  Have an awesome day and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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