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Hello Beauties,
How has your life been?  Mine is a reflection of the weather we’ve been having in RVA.  I learned a lesson today though!  I learned to always watch the weather channel every morning, so I know whether it’s hot or cold outside and if the sky decides to pour.  So, today, in seventy degree weather, I was soaked to the bone and dripping wet in flip flops and a jacket that was not waterproof.  It is safe to say that I did not watch the weather forecast this morning.  And on top of all that loveliness, I got to sit in a frigid classroom for about two hours. I was cold and wet.  And my clothes stuck to my skin in all the wrong places.  And the mixture of cold and wetness made me feel all itchy and uncomfortable the whole class period, so needless to say, I was not paying that much attention to the lecture.  So, that was my day.  I hope you guys had a better one!  From this day forward, I will never forget to check the weather forecast ever again.
But enough with all the dreariness!  In the past few days, I discovered, once again, what I’ve been missing.  I, honestly, forgot about how much cute stuff Ebay has on their site.  And I’m now addicted.  Everything I see becomes a “Oh my gosh I need it” item.  This is bad.  But the prices are so cheap!  So, in a few weeks after snail mail gets here, I will have an Ebay mini haul!  Until then, I hope you guys always remember to carry an umbrella.  And have an awesome, hopefully, sunny day!

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