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Hello Beauties,
I made another collage on Polyvore!  It’s the result of procrastinating on my paper that’s due tomorrow.  Sometimes when I’m working I just feel like I need a short break.  And what better way to spend my break than to make a collage and look at super cute shoes?  And honestly looking at shoes and making collages on Polyvore is safer for a short twenty minute break than going on YouTube.  I go on YouTube look up one video and end up being on YouTube for the next three hours.  I look at the clock and wonder where did the time go? Okay, I have to stop procrastinating at some point, so let’s get on with the fashion post.
I have been in love with minimalist sandals!  And I can really close to buying a pair with a platform heel like the one beneath the clock.  But they didn’t have my size!  The minimalist sandals have such clean lines.  They are a classic shoe that will be perfect with almost every outfit.  Personally, I love the platform sandal and the sandal with the chunky heels.  Plus, the platforms and chunky heels provide great support for your feet while you’re walking and they’re super comfy!
Minimalist Time


Chloé 2 tone shoes


Jo Mercer shoes
$140 – theiconic.com.au


Seychelles sandals


SPURR sandals
$46 – theiconic.com.au


Matiko sandals


Stuart Weitzman sandals


Joes sandals


Rosendahl clock
$265 – connox.com

Love these shoes?  Check them out!  Links are all here!  Wanna splurge on them?  I won’t tell anyone.  Comment down below with any questions or if you just want to leave a message!
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