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Earrings Haul

Hello Beauties (again),
Whoo hoo!  Two posts in one night!  I feel so productive.  I also posted a Lookbook!  So, this post is, as it says in the title, an earrings haul!  I bought three pairs of earring from Sammydress.com.  (For some, that may not seem like a lot.  But I rarely buy earrings any more, so three pairs is a lot!)  Okay, so   lately, my style has took a bit of a change.  I have fallen in love with Doc Martens, high waisted shorts, and “punk” earrings.

The first pair of earrings are these geometric earrings.  I thought the gold color made the earring look like a great, classic piece that I would wear really often and the triangular shape just made it look really cool!
Image Source: SammyDress Website  
Image Source: SammyDress Website
The second pair of earrings I got were these cool “Love” earrings.  I have never seen earrings like these before.  They look awesome with the words “Love” beneath my ear lobe.


The third pair of earrings I bought was these rose gold claws.  To me, they just look really cool.  And rose gold is my favorite color!
Review: So, I love these earrings from Sammydress.com.  They were a great price!  But, since, it is international shipping.  It takes a few weeks for the earrings to arrive.  The quality is much the same as a pair of earrings from Forever 21.  However, these earrings do come with rubber backing rather than the standard metal backing of most earrings.  But they’re still really cute and for the price, well worth it! However, if you buy clothes from Sammydress.com, remember to check the measurements!
And, as always have a great night!  And thanks for visiting my blog.  Comment below with questions and don’t forget to subscribe!
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