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DIY wrapped necklace

Hello Beauties!
I have a tutorial for you guys!  Or a tutorial I would like to share.  I found this Youtube video a while ago.  The video is by Threadbanger, an awesome channel with DIYs aplenty.  They shared a video of a DIY tribal necklace.  Many people have found this title to be offensive, so I will call the tutorial a tutorial for a wrapped necklace.

Materials to make the necklace:

  • shoe laces
  • embroidery thread (regular thread?)
  • safety pin
  • something heavy to clip the safety pin on
  • a closure for the necklace
To make the necklace, you need to use a similar wrapping technique that is used in hair wrapping.
Here’s a quick run down of the steps.
  1. First cut shoes laces to three different lengths (don’t forget to cut off the plastic ends first!): 26 inch strand, 24 inch strand, and 22 inch strand
  2. Then measure and cut the embroidery thread to a length that is three times the length of the shoe laces.  You will need seven strands of multiple colors for each shoe lace.
  3. Tie a knot with the shoe lace and seven strands and attach a safety pin to the knotted side.
  4. Attach the safety pin to something heavy to make the wrapping process easier.
  5. Now, wrap away.  And make whatever pattern you want.  Have fun, this process is slightly tedious, but well worth the effort.
  • And for those of you with no embroidery thread at home.  You can use regular thread.  However, you may notice that regular thread is much thinner than embroidery thread.  And that is because embroidery thread consists of multiple strands, so to achieve this measure out five strands of regular thread to equal one strand of embroidery thread.
  • You can also just use regular shoes laces.  I used the flat white ones because those were the ones I had.
  • Instead of using a clasp, I used some old wire I had laying around and a button to create a button and wire hole clasp.
Here’s my finished product!


But check out the video for a more thorough tutorial: 


Enjoy!  As always thanks for checking out my blog and if you like what you see, please subscribe.  And don’t forget to comment below with questions or requests for other tutorials or if you just want to say hi!  Have a nice day!


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