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My First Play: The Unsaid Truth

Hello Beauties,
So, here is my first play.  I’m still playing around with the title, but here it is.  You can read it if you want or you can check out my latest DIY!
Please comment below.  Should I keep the title?  And if you have any questions or critiques feel free to comment!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. And I’ll talk to you guys soon!

The Unsaid Truth
(A small apartment in New York City.  The room is minimally furnished.  There is no art on the walls, except for a
large clock that was given to them for their first wedding anniversary.  The lighting is dim and it is nightfall. The
sounds of the city outside are shattering the silence in the room where May is
sitting, waiting for Aiden to come home from his workshop across the city.  She checks the clock again. She watches the
door as she hears the sound of footsteps.  Aiden walks in, not even noticing her in the
living room.)
Where were you today? 
(Sits on the sofa with her legs
crossed at the knees)
I was at my workshop across town…like I always am.  (Answers
reluctantly, avoiding her stare
)  Why
do you ask? (Finally looks at May)
(Slowly gets off the
I was just wondering…(pauses)
Oh, well I’m home now.
I can see that.  (Turns to face the blank wall) Why don’t
we have art on our walls?  They’ve always
been blank…empty…
We could put something up if you like.  Anything you want in particular? (Trying to figure out what she’s not saying)
I don’t know.  I just
want something there.  It’s too empty
like everything in this apartment.
What do you mean it’s empty? 
We have furniture…we have….
Blank walls (Continues
to stare at the walls
We’ll put something there.
We can’t just put anything
there.  It has to be something that
has meaning.
Something that has meaning? 
Like a portrait?
No, it doesn’t seem right.
How about our wedding portrait?  Most people seem to like having that hung up…
No, Aiden, I just…I don’t know.  Just put what you want up.
(May leaves the room and walks to the side door, leading to
the bedroom, walks in and closes the door behind her.)
Great, I did it again. 
(Sits down on the couch)
Aiden? (Says from the
other room)
What’s this doing here? 
(Walks out with a broken frame)
It broke when I was carrying it home.  I’ve been meaning to fix it, but I just
haven’t gotten to it yet. 
Wasn’t this the frame that had our wedding portraits on it?
Uhhh….maybe? (Reluctantly
answering, knowing darn well that it was that exact frame)
It is isn’t it?  (Picks up the frame to examine the damage)
I can fix it.  (Reaches for the frame)
Not everything can be fixed though.
What do you mean?  A
little hot glue and maybe a nail or two, the frame will be good as new. 
I’m not talking about the frame Aiden. (Puts the frame down on the floor, in the space between them)  I’m talking about us.
What about us needs fixing? 
Don’t you see what’s missing? 
What’s missing? Don’t we have everything we need?
What do we have, Aiden, what?
We have us. (Mumbles
(Not hearing him, she continues to talk) Exactly. No
answer, just like always. 
(Aiden clears his
(Walks closer to her)
We have each other. 
Each other? I wish we did Aiden.  (Stares
at the broken frame on the floor between them)
(Not hearing her)
We have each other…(Whispers to himself,
as a smile spreads across his face).
No, we don’t (Almost
to herself
). All we have is three years of an empty marriage… (Looks at her wedding band as she speaks a
bit louder)
Three years… (Looks at
(Flashback: projection on the wall of May in her lace,
wedding gown, walking down the aisle of lilies, roses, and carnations towards
Wait, what? (Pauses
trying to understand her)
You wish we had each other, an empty marriage, what
does that even mean?
It means our marriage has nothing.  I see couples walking down the street
everyday, holding hands, looking like there’s nothing else in the world that’s
better than love.  I want that.  I want…(Frustrated,
tries to search for
words) God, all I want is for you to love me.
May, I love you.  I
married you.  (Tries to reach for May, walking around the broken frame)
More empty words. (mutters
under breath
) Just because you married me doesn’t mean you love me. (Moves away from him, closer to the open
bedroom door)
Isn’t that how it works? 
I love you, so I asked you marry me. 
Do you regret marrying me? (Looks at Aiden, waiting for an answer)
(Steps back) What?  Where is this all coming from? How…(trying to grasp where she’s getting at) did
you…did I do something?
It’s just that…we’ve seemed to grow apart these three
years.  No, that didn’t come out right. (Tries to put her thoughts together,
scrambles for words
)  Actually, it
did.  But, we can’t grow apart…because we
never got close enough to be really together. 
Is it something I did? 
Did your mother call again?  I
thought that we both agreed to not have kids just yet.  I thought we both wanted to get somewhere in
our careers.  I thought that we wanted to
wait that we weren’t ready for that kind of responsibility yet.  I thought that we were…
(Cuts him off)  No, she didn’t call and no, I didn’t want
to talk about having kids. Would you just let me finish?  This has been going on for years now. 
Come, on honey. It’s okay. 
Everything is going to be okay.  (Tries to embrace her)
Don’t honey me.  (Struggles free and walks to a distance that
is out of his reach)
It’s not going to be okay because I thought that you would
change once we were married, that you would care about me more than those
precious canvases that you slap paint on, down at your workshop.  You don’t even see me when I’m standing right
in front of you.
That’s not true.  I’m
seeing you.  (Walks closer and gently tugs the elastic out of her hair, letting his
fingers run through every soft strand, leans in towards her face, then steps
back hesitating)
Aiden, I just want to understand.  Why do you always do that?  Is it because you’ve grown tired of me?  Am I not enough? (Looks at the broken picture frame on the floor)
No, it’s not that.  I
just…I can’t explain it to you.
Why did you even marry me? 
You can tell me the truth.  I
wouldn’t be surprised if…(Stops mid
sentence, hoping that he would finish the sentence for her, continues in a
…if there was someone else. 
Aiden, I just want to understand. (Looks
up at him
)  What’s wrong?  Is there someone else? 
Someone else?  For
what, All I ever needed was…I just need my work.  That’s it, (Mutters under his breath) because my work can’t leave me.
(Hurt by his words,
turns her back to him in order to hide the tears beginning to stream down her
That’s all.  (Didn’t hear what he was muttering) Nothing
or nobody else…(Says this mostly to
herself, processing the truth of his words, bends down to pick up the frame)
My work is my life, May. 
Don’t you understand?  You have
ballet?  You gave up everything for it.
I also gave up everything to be with you!  (Turns around to face him with tears coming
down her face, the frame in her hand)
Look at this.  (Holds
up the frame
)  It broke on the first
day.  The first day, Aiden, it
broke.  Don’t you see why it broke?  You just dropped it on the street when you
were walking home, like it was nothing, a piece of trash.  But your stupid canvases are treasures you
hold and cherish.  Me, the wedding, our
marriage is nothing isn’t it?
I, May, I really didn’t…(Places
his hands on her shoulder and looks her in the eye)
I didn’t mean it, May. 
I just…I’m sorry.
(Breaks eye contact)  You can’t take back words that were already said.
(Begins to let go of the frame, but
thinks better of it and takes the broken frame in both hands and places the
frame outside the bedroom door.)
(Tilts her chin so that he can look at her
)  I promised you…
Exactly, you promised. (Turns
back around to face Aiden
) You promise so many things.  And where have those promises gotten us, a
false sense of hope?  How can I trust you
when you can’t keep your promises?  How
can I trust your commitment to me if you lied to me once? 
I never lied to you. 
I never did and I never will. (Walks
closer to May as he speaks
When you broke that promise, you lied.  You lied to me, Aiden. 
I made a vow on our wedding day to never hurt you, to be
with you till death, do we part, but if I have done so much to hurt you then I
don’t want to hurt you anymore.  (Continues to walk closer to her) I
always seem to do things incorrectly, say the wrong things.  May, I’m just scared that I will…(stops making steps closer to her)
Will what?  Cheat on
me?  Leave me? (Without thinking, she takes a step closer to Aiden)
No, I’m scared that you’ll leave (walks closer to her)…never mind (Takes another step back).
You always do this. 
What are you scared of?  (Pauses for him to answer- no answer)
Fine.  Don’t
(She walks out the side door leading to the bedroom.  The door slams.)
Shit. Why do I always do this?  I can’t let it happen again.  I can’t do that again.  I can’t…I can’t…
(There’s a knock at the door.  Mark walks in.)
The door was open…
(Turns around to see
  Yeah, I guess it was.  Since you’re here, want a beer?
No, I got to get back to Chelsea’s place.  I just came by to drop off the gallery
brochures.  (Places a stack of brochures on the table)  The exhibition looks like it’ll be a real
success.  Man, I saw the new paintings
you’ve been working on when I went down to your workshop yesterday…hey…um…are
you okay?  (Walks toward Aiden)
Yeah, I’m fine. No, I’m not…I just…I just need to get my
head around some things.
Well don’t think too hard.
You remember that girl I dated in College?
The brunette in your hall?
Yeah, Amy.  I don’t
know what happened.  I thought things
were going great…then she…she just… 
Yeah, I know.  (Walks to the couch and sits down)
No, you don’t…you can’t…she just starting saying things…she
said she loved me…so I said it back…it was like a reflex. 
You don’t say those things if you don’t feel them. But,
dude, we’ve been over this just move on.
What am I doing wrong? (Sits
down on the bar stool by the counter
Nothing, man, nothing.
I must be.  May is
saying the same things, like I don’t love her. 
She’s doubting me. I said I loved her back, but then she…
Dude, you dated her for a month, and then she dumped you.
We’ve known each other for years.  You know me…maybe, better than myself?
Please, if you know, what is wrong?  What
am I doing wrong?
Well, I mean…you said the same thing to May, when she said,
“I love you.”
Aren’t you supposed to?
Were you listening to what I said?  You don’t say those kinds of things if you
don’t mean them. 
But I do. I did….I thought I did.
Thought?  You got
married!  You thought you love her?
Shhh! (Running towards
Mark, then points at the closed door
Oh, she’s still here. 
(Aiden nods)
Okay (now whispering)
now, let me get this straight.  You told
May you loved her, when you thought you loved her.  Then you asked her to marry you, when you
still weren’t sure?
No, I was sure.  I
knew.  I can’t explain it.  I know I knew…I know… I must have…I…
Well, you could have. 
I mean it has been three years. 
You must know now?
(Aiden blankly stares
at him
Okay, well.  Let’s
start smaller.  You must have loved
(A projector starts
up, playing a video of Mark and Aiden from a few years ago having a
Hey, man.  I didn’t mean anything by it, you know.
Seriously I’m
sorry.  I forgot. Mother’s day was coming
up and I just…it slipped out.)
Never mind…how about? 
(Pauses) Have you ever loved
I don’t know.  (Rests his head on his hands)
Well, the most logical start, usually is…should be…
Yeah, I know, my mother. 
Hey, we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.
No, I can’t keep doing this. 
My parents’ marriage failed.  I
don’t want to be like them.  I don’t want
to be like her.
Yeah, I know…uh….ummm…so…where does that leave us, now?
She just walked out one night.  I must have loved her.  I mean, every kid loves their mother, right?
Yeah, most mothers also don’t leave them…and Aiden, you were
so young, two, three?
Five.  I was
five.  She left me when I was five.  God, (Gets
up and walks over to the far wall, leans on it for support, then punches the
How could she leave her own kid?
uncomfortable, he gets up for the sofa, stares at the floor, and with some
hesitation moves toward Aiden)
I don’t really know.
(Mark’s cell phone
Hello? (Short pause)
Hey Chels. (Pause)  Uhh…yeah, I just dropped them off. (Pause) I’ll be there later.  Yes, I will. 
You can leave if you want.
No, it’s not that important. 
We’ll get through this.  You and
I…like always. (Laughs) Unless it’s a
paint ball war then we’re dead. 
Right, cause it’s my fault we lost to those guys?
Yeah, we lost the paintball game against Brandon and the
guys, because you had to think about it first. 
And while you were thinking, the dude snuck up behind you.
I know.  I overthought
the strategy and missed the most obvious point. 
Exactly what Amy said, “I missed the point.”
(A projection begins
to play of the conversation between Aiden and Amy
Hey, what’s wrong
What’s wrong?  All you’ve got is what’s wrong?
What did I do?
That’s it.  You didn’t DO anything.  Did you mean it when you said you loved me because
you have a funny way of showing it? 
Then what do you want
me to say.  I love you?
You’re missing the
point.  There’ s more to love than just
saying I love you.
Projection ends.)
It’s been five years since you graduated.  Now, it’s time for you to drop it.  Me? On the other hand, that was last weekend.
So, I still have plenty of time to bring it back up.
(Laughs) Yeah,
great, just tell everyone you meet.  Walk
down the street,
Hey, you want to hear a story about how I lost a paintball
Don’t worry I have. 
The man that sits on the street corner three blocks from here knows the
story already.
Great.  (Pauses) Mark, I just don’t want what
happened in college to happen again.
You just got to work things out with May.  Tell you love her.  Buy her some flowers.  Do something for her, girls like that kind of
stuff.  You know, don’t just tell her you
love her.  Show her.
When did you become such an expert?
I’m just a natural genius.
Right.  Sure.  I’ll take your word for it.
But seriously, man, not every girl you love will leave you.  Just don’t be so afraid. May won’t leave
you.  She loves you and you love her,
Right.  I love her. (With more conviction) I love her. 
You guys will solve it. 
Marriage isn’t something that just happens overnight, especially not a
lasting marriage.  You guys
disagree.  You get in fights.  So what? 
You’ll work it out and you guys will get through this better than you
were when you started. God, I sound like one of those self-help books.
(Laughs)  You actually do, and did you become a marriage counselor in the last few days?  
No, but I…(Laughs at
)…I would never have said this a few years ago.  But, dude, I love her.  I love Chelsea.  I can’t imagine being with another person. (Continues to laugh) Please, feel free to
stop me.  I feel like I’m beginning to
sound like a character from a Nicholas Sparks novel.
Yeah you do.  But I
get your point.  But when did this
start…when did you become such an expert on love? 
I don’t know it just happened, you know.  It wasn’t like over night, it took time, but…it
just happened and it felt right.  Do you
know what I mean?
I’m happy that things are going well for you, but I don’t
think it quite applies to my situation. 
I mean…dude, you’re not even married.
Well, I might be soon…
What?  Wait, you’ve
asked Chelsea to-
Not yet, but I’ve got the ring picked out.
Congratulations, man. 
Thanks. But don’t tell May. 
I want Chels to be completely surprised when I pop the question.
Don’t worry.  I don’t
think we’re on speaking terms any more. 
It’ll all work out in the end.  May loves you.  You just have to show her that you love her
too.  (Gets up to leave)
Yeah, I’ll figure it out.
Don’t fuss over it so much. 
Maybe it’s not your thing to buy flowers or chocolates or whatever.  Find a way for you to love her, something
special, just something that you took the time to do. (Slowly begins to walk towards the door)
Yeah, maybe…
You’re an artist. Just make something.  (Shuts
the door behind him
Make something, but what? 
(Gets out his sketchpad and pencil
from his bag and starts sketching
(The lights fade out.
End of scene)
(A dim light, mimicking early morning, casts shadows in the
small apartment. An alarm rings and a moment later the ringing stops.  There are sounds of shuffling about behind
the bedroom door and the opening and closing of closet doors and bathrooms are
heard. Then the bedroom door opens.)
(Laughs bitterly as
she walks out the bedroom)
No, one here. 
Figures.  Not even a “Good
morning, honey.”  Is that so hard to say?
“Good morning, May. How are you today?” 
(Answers herself in a
mocking tone
) “Oh, I’m fine.  How are
you, Aiden?”
(She takes a bowl from
the drying rack and a box of cereal from the pantry, continuing the
“Oh, that’s great.”
“What are you working on today? Anything special?”
“No, but I heard your show the other night was great!”
“Really?  Oh, you
don’t say…”
(The phone rings, interrupting her conversation)
“Hello? Oh, hi Chels. (Leans
in to the receiver
What did Mark say?
I mean…was it really a surprise if he did?
Aiden is just so…I don’t even know what to say about it.
It’s like he’s….(pauses) 
Yeah, I know.  I don’t
even know, how I have withstood this for three years already.
No, Chels. I am not over-exaggerating things.
Be reasonable?  I’ve
been reasonable and patient for three years! 
How much longer does he need?
deep breathes.  I’m calm.  I am calm. 
I will.  I
(Aiden walks in through the front door quietly.  May’s back is to him, on the phone in the
living room)
I just don’t want him to…I love him, Chels.  But he’s making it so hard to….
I just don’t know how much longer I can take this….it’s like
I’m not even here anymore…
(Aiden drops the bag he’s holding. May turns around.)
I…uh….I…I have  to
go….(She hangs up the phone)
Hi (avoids his gaze)
Do you want any breakfast?
No, I just ate. I’m going to go. (Turns back around, and
quickly walks out of the door
Crap. Crap. Crap. What have I done? (Sinks in to the chair and stares at her cereal bowl, pushes the bowl away from herself)
(Dials a number on the
Chels? (pauses for an
Aiden walked in.
I don’t know how much he heard…
Maybe this is just a blessing in disguise…
What do you mean I’m not meaning what I say?
Maybe this is what I needed, to finally make the move…
Chels, I can’t just sit and wait for him to come
around.  I’ve waited three years already
and we’ve gotten nowhere.
I can’t keep waiting….
(Conversation fades as the lights fade out…)
(Aiden comes in through the front door.  The apartment is empty.  He looks at his watch, shakes his head and
puts the canvas he’s holding by the door, then turns and locks the door behind
Maybe she’s still at the dance studio? She must have a late
rehearsal or something.  She’ll be
back.  She’ll come back…
(There’s a knock at the door.)
That must be her.  (Laughs.)  You forget your keys again?
(Mark answers from behind the door.)
No, dude let me in.
(Aiden goes to open the door)
I thought you were May.
No kidding.  I have
something to tell you…
What? (Walks to the
kitchen and opens the fridge
I don’t really know how to say this…(Puts his hand on his neck, looks at the floor, avoiding Aiden’s gaze)
Just spit it out. (Closes
the fridge door and walks over to Mark with a glass of water in his hand)
Maybe you should sit that glass down first. (Takes the glass from Aiden and places it on
the coffee table
She left me didn’t she? 
And you’re the messenger?  (Says this a little too matter-of-factly)
(Before Mark can
I’m going down to the studio to finish those last few
Wait, Aiden.  She
didn’t leave you, at least not really. 
She just wants some space.  She’s
staying with Chels for a few days…
(Mark ends up
screaming the last bit because Aiden continued to walk out the door as Mark was
Damn it. God, it happened again. (Shakes his head walks toward
the door, about to walk out, he pauses at the threshold, looks around the room,
shakes his head, walks out, and closes the door behind him)
(May comes home, peaks her head around the front door.  She lets out the breath of air she was
holding, as she closes the door behind her. The afternoon sun creates shadows
around the apartment.  May walks in and
looks around.  She shivers and walks in
to the bedroom.  The stage is empty.  A few moments later, Mark walks in after her.)
Hey, Aiden.  I’m sorry
about May.  But you can get her
back.  (Waits for an answer.) Alright…just listen…I think…
(May doesn’t answer
him.  She listens silently in the other
She still loves you.  She’s
trying man.  You just need to try
too.  I know it’ hard after your mother
then Amy…but you just need to do it.  You
know?  Look, I don’t want to go in to
clichés but you just have to face your fears head on.  Those canvases won’t give you what you
want.  You can’t live forever hiding
behind them.  Aiden, May is there for you
if you just meet her halfway.  She’s not
Amy.  She’s not your mother.  She’s not leaving that easily.  She stayed with you for three years
already.  Doesn’t that show you, she
cares?  Listen, I don’t know how much of
this you’re actually taking in, but…you can still get her back.  Don’t let her leave, don’t just hide behind
your canvas and let someone like that…just…walk…out.
(The bedroom door
opens and May walks out.
Oh, May…ummm…I guess Aiden isn’t here is he? (Laughs nervously)
What were you talking about Mark?  What about his mother and…that other
name…what happened?
It’s a long story that Aiden needs to tell himself to
you.  I just…I’m…
Mark, he’s never going to tell me…please, just tell me.  I need to know.
It’s not my story to tell. 
He just…May, he needs you.
Needs me?  Mark, I
don’t think…I just can’t…I just need some time to think about it.
No, you can’t leave him. 
May, he really needs you.  He
can’t have another girl walk out on him. 
I don’t know what he’ll do…if you leave him too…
Another girl to…walk…out…on him?
Yeah.  Haven’t you
wondered why he never talked about his parents…or the fact that you have no
idea who his mother is?
I just thought she passed away…I didn’t ask because I
thought that…
May, his mother walked out on him and his father when he was
five.  He doesn’t like to talk about
it…but he has a hard time….
What?  She…oh, my
god.  I…I didn’t…I didn’t know. Then what
happened with his father?  (pauses, having a hard time getting words out)They
barely speak.  I asked him whether or not
he wanted to go see him our first Christmas together and he just…he said no,
but then he (tears begin to stream down
her face
) just walked out, when I persisted to ask him why? 
Aiden doesn’t talk to his dad because he…I mean I understand…his
wife left him with a five-year old kid…and he just didn’t know how to handle
it…so he sent Aiden to boarding school. 
Which is where I met him…
He sent him away?  How
can you do that to a kid? 
I don’t know.  I
really just don’t know.  But I do know
that he needs you, May.  Amy walked out
on him because he…he couldn’t love her back.  (Pauses
to see her reaction)
He just needs time.
Mark, I gave him three years.  I married him!  What else can I do?  I don’t want to get stuck here.  It’s like being stuck in a dead-beat job,
that’s not getting me anywhere.  I
can’t…Mark, I just can’t.  I want a life
too.  I have a life, and I’m just wasting
it here…
May, please.  I’ll get
him to…he’ll come around…May, I’ve known him for decades now…he’ll come
around.  When you said you would marry
him there was something that wasn’t there before.  He loves you. 
He does (with more conviction)
he loves you. 
Mark, I don’t know.  
I need some time.  I just came
back to get some of my stuff. (Frazzled,
she starts to search for her bags
) I’m staying with Chels for a few more
days.  (Remembers there in the bedroom and leaves the room, walks in to the
open bedroom door and grabs a fully packed duffle bag)
Tell him, I haven’t
left yet.  I just need some time to…to
sort things out for myself.  I’ll be
back.  It’s not over…not yet…
(She walks out the front door, leaving the door open.  She doesn’t look back.  Mark makes his way to the couch, sits down
and waits.  He pulls out his cell phone.
(Aiden walks in through the open door a few moments later
with his arms full of canvases.)
What are you doing here?
Just hanging around…(voice
sounding a little strain, tries to laugh off the awkwardness)
In my apartment?  Man,
you’re strange, but I think this takes the cake.
Right (continues to
laugh nervously
), maybe I forgot where I live? And remembered where your
place was…(laughs at his poor attempt to
make a joke)
Well, uhh…(puts his
canvases down by the dining room table, only the empty back of the canvas is
) make yourself at home?
Yeah, thanks. 
(Walks over to Mark)
Seriously, what are you doing here?
Umm…uhhh…May is staying with…uh…she’s staying with Chels for
a few more days. (Avoids Aiden’s gaze and
begins to look around the room)
Oh, great…I really fucked it up this time didn’t I?
Well, like I said, you can still get her back.  So, you didn’t completely fuck it up. (Tries to look at Aiden to see how he was
taking the news, but can’t look for more than a few minutes)
At least it’s not completely, right? (Tries to laugh, but the laugh comes out a little too forced)
(Afraid Aiden suspects
something, he looks at Aiden and the words just stumbled out)
I told
May.  I had to tell her man, she needed
to know…I couldn’t just let her…let her…
Let her leave?  And told
her what?
I told her about…okay, before I finish that.  I know how hard it is. (Pauses, to find the right words) But she’s your wife and she just
wanted to understand.  Okay, (pauses to see if Aiden is listening) I
told her about your mother (pauses) and
Oh. Okay, that’s fine. 
That’s…god, she’s going to think I’m nuts or something.
No, she’s not.  It’s
not human to keep everything bottled up. 
You’ll explode one day and (pauses)
by then it would be too late.  You’re not
nuts, you’re just human and that’s sometimes all we can be. 
Human?  Yeah, a human,
a stupid human, a 28-year old human that is incapable of keeping a
relationship.  I thought humans were
supposed to be social creatures. (Laughs,
bitterly at himself)
You know, what…come to think of it…I’m exactly like my
father, self-absorbed and ignorant. (Voice
dripping in sarcasm
)  I must have
inherited the failure to communicate genes. 
You’re not your father. 
Yeah, sure I believe you…you remember how much I hated my
father growing up, don’t you? (Doesn’t
give Mark time to answer and continues
And now I’m exactly like him.  Funny,
how that works out, huh?  He never heard
a single damn word of what I had to say.  
I mean communication is supposed to be the easy part, right? 
It’s not always, man. 
You have to work at it.  Look at
me, for example.  A few years ago, you
couldn’t make me get in a long-term relationship. I would have scuffed at the
people who wanted to get married.  Now,
I’m about to ask Chels to marry me.  I
love her, man.  All the movies and books
and stuff about love, man, that is bullshit. 
No relationship is perfect. 
You’ll always have something to disagree and argue about, but at the end
of the day.  What matters is that you
love the other person enough that the disagreements don’t matter and maybe it’s
even better that way…that, you know, you love them despite all of that.
(Aiden picks up the canvases he placed by the table, and
flips one of them over)
Maybe…but how can I get her to believe me now?  I screwed it up already.
You haven’t screwed it up completely.  There’s still hope.
I love her. (Continues
to look at the painting
(Mark walks over to see the painting.  He’s speechless.  He walks around Aiden and flips all five
canvases over, lining them up around the table. 
He walks around the table, looking at each canvas intently.)
I finally made something to show her. 
Yeah. (Laughs) You
actually made something.  (Puts his arm around Aiden’s shoulders)
Man, you made something.
Do you think it’s too late? 
I mean…is it too late to show her?
No, we’ll just call her…and…and surprise her. We can put
these paintings on the walls.  (Begins to talk faster as his excitement gets
him ahead of himself
) And this
one can go….here…and that one… could go…
Okay, okay…slow down…I got it.  (Laughs)
Do you really think she’ll like it?  Do
you think she’ll get it?
Dude, May is going to flip. 
(Stops moving around the room,
turns around and looks at the paintings again)
Wow…(marveling at the paintings)
Yeah, I just hope this is enough. (Still unconvinced by Mark’s excitement)
(There is a dim light over the set.  Two shadowed figures can be seen on stage,
walking around with tool belts and hammers in hand.  The sound of hammers is heard. The light grows
brighter and Mark and Aiden are seen on stage hanging canvases on the walls.)
Do you think we’ll get this done in time?  What time is it?
It’s eight o’clock in the morning.  We got two hours.  Chill.
What time did you tell Chelsea to bring May by? (Straightens the canvas he was putting up on
the wall
and turns around to see if
the canvas Mark is putting up is straight, walks over to Mark and helps him put
the last canvas on the wall)
I just want everything to be ready and perfect.  I can’t screw this up too.
I got it.  I got
it.  Everything needs to be perfect.
You’ve been saying that all morning.  I’m
pretty sure your neighbors got the memo too.
Okay, okay.  I know
I’m annoying.  But I just…
Is it that obvious?
No, of course not…
Yeah, I believe you, man. 
Real convincing.
I try.  I try.
(Mark’s cell phone rings.)
Yeah, we’re almost done. 
How’s the morning run going?
She doesn’t know anything right?
Is that Chelsea?
(Mark nods.)
Great, perfect. (Pauses)
Yeah, she’ll be surprised. (Laughs)
Alright, see you in a few. 
Are they coming early? (A
moment of panic sets in to his voice
No, you can take a breath now.  They’re just starting to head back to Chel’s
place.  Then they’re going to shower up
and head over. 
Oh, ok.  (Takes deep breaths to calm his nerves.)
Dude, you alright?
Yeah, I’m fine.  Never
better.  (Turns his back to Mark)
Well, I’m exhausted. 
(Rests on the couch)  Man, I haven’t worked that much since…since…(struggles to remember)…that last
exhibition at the fifth street gallery. 
I can’t believe that was three months ago already.
Yeah, time flies…(responds
Yeah it sure does.  (Looks at his watch, then leans back down on
the sofa
What time is it?
You still got time. 
It’s just past nine. 
(Relaxes for a moment,
looks down at his wrinkled t-shirt and stained jeans
) I have to change…(Walks out of the living room, while taking
his shirt off, then goes in to the bedroom, walks back out of the bedroom a few
moments later with a clean shirt on backwards)
Ugh…you alright?
Yeah, why? 
(Mark Gestures at his shirt)
(Aiden looks down at his shirt)
Shoot. (Takes the
shirt off and puts it back on correctly)
(Mark Laughs.)
Little nervous?
Yeah, I just don’t what to say.  What do I say to her when she comes in?  Or should I say nothing and just let her look
at the- but that seems kind of stupid, doesn’t it?  So, maybe I should say something…but what do
I say…I…
Don’t hurt yourself thinking.  Just let her come in, take in the atmosphere
a bit.  Then let her know how you
feel.  It’s easy.
Yeah, for you.
(Laughs) Yeah,
maybe, a little easier for me than you. 
But (looks down at his watch) we
still have a few minutes.  Let’s
practice.  I’ll pretend I’m May and you
be yourself, alright?
(Mark walks out the front door then knocks, pretending he’s
just coming in)
“Hello?” (Speaking in
a falsetto tone)
(Laughs.) I can’t
take you seriously.
Just try.  (Speaking in his normal voice again)
Okay, I’ll try.  (Still laughing)
“Aiden, what’s all this?” (Continuing in his falsetto and
gesturing to all the canvases
They’re just paintings I’ve been working on for the
“Oh, so why are they in our apartment?”
Because I wanted to show them to you?
Dude, you’re going to have to say more than that.  They’re for her, remember?  You made these painting for her.
Right.  I made them
for her.  I made them for her.
Al-right, let’s try again. “Aiden what are these canvases
doing here?”
They’re here because I made them for you.
“For me? Oh, Aiden you shouldn’t have…”
(Laughs, but tries to
continue with the role-playing
) May, I haven’t forgotten about you.  I think about you all the time.  It’s just that…It’s just…I…I have a hard time
trusting people, you know?  I was afraid
that if I trusted you, then it would…be…(pauses)…unbearable
if you left.  But I love you, May. (Walks closer to Mark, takes his hand) I
love you, May.
(There’s a knock at the door.  May is standing there with her hair wet in a
t-shirt and a pair of distressed jeans. )
Hey guys? (Looks at
their awkwardly close positions)
(Aiden and Mark quickly separate)
Is Chelsea…(still in
his falsetto
(Clears his throat)
She’s right outside the door (muffling giggles).
Oh, I guess I’ll be going…
(Walks out the door, but before he leaves he winks at Aiden
and gives him a thumbs-up)
So, what were you two doing exactly?
Nothing.  We were
just…nothing…so, how much of that did you hear?
Enough.  Aiden, I want
to say that I’m…
Don’t…please don’t finish that, at least not yet.  May, (takes
her by the hand
) I made these for you (gesturing
to the paintings on the walls
(He walks out of her way, to let her see the painting behind
him.  May faces the Audience.)
Aiden, I don’t know what to…say…I…
May, I love…
(Interrupts him) I
love you, too.  I heard everything you
said to Mark. (Laughs) Aiden, that’s
all I’ve wanted to hear you say. 
(She takes his hand and walks with him around the room,
looking at each painting.)
These are beautiful. 
Yeah, they’re beautiful because they’re portraits of
you.  May, I didn’t forget about your
shows.  I went to every one of them. 
(He takes out a wad of tickets from his pockets) 
I made a painting of you from each show…this one was from
opening night…and this…
Aiden, I…(tears begin
to well up in her eyes
There’s more. (Walks
to the bedroom door and grabs a canvas from behind the wall with a big bow
attached to it
Here (Hands the canvas
over to May
(Gasps) Aiden,
this is our…
Yeah, it’s our wedding pictures and the frame.  It’s the same frame.
It’s fixed. (Slides
her hand over the edges of the frames
It took me some time to fix some of the detailing.  And there are still a few imperfections, but
it’s fixed now.
It’s fixed.
(Aiden takes the frame from her and holds it up.  May loops her arm around Aiden’s elbow and
places her head on his shoulder.)
It’s perfect.
(A scream is heard from outside the door. May and Aiden turn
their heads toward the door. Aiden places the frame against the far wall and
walks back over to May, placing his arm around her.  Marks head peeps in.)
I’m getting married!
(May and Aiden hold hands they are standing with their backs
slightly to the audience.  But a smile
comes across both their faces, even as Mark’s head disappears behind the
door.  They continue smiling and they
turn around to look at the “painting,” facing the audience.  The lights fade out.)


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