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Breaking in Dr. Martens: The Journey Day 2

Image from: Dr. Martens USA website

Hello Beauties,
So, the shoes are still quite stiff.  (Big surprise, right?)  I have been wearing them for an hour at a time.  The tongue of the shoe is quite tight still, so that’ll probably take the longest to soften up.  I will continue to wear two pairs of socks until that tongue seam on the shoe softens up.  Even with two pairs of socks and an hour long wear, there is still some minor bruising from the tightness of the seam.

One good tip is to not wear the Dr. Martens for more than two hours at a time.  Two hours is long enough for blisters to emerge and serious bruises on your feet to appear.  One hour is enough torture for your feet.
When things get hard, just remember that after this journey of blood, sweat, and tears, you’ll have a companion for life.  Enjoy your docs!


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