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Breaking in My Dr. Martens: The Journey, Day 1

Hello everyone,
Most of you have probably have heard of Dr. Martens.  And if you have not, they’re awesome shoes that you can’t live without having.  But they are also a bit expensive.  So, I had to do some research before buying them.  I had questions like: Are the canvas shoes just as durable as the leather ones?  Do the canvas shoes take just as long to break in?  Should I size up or down for Dr. Martens? Are they true to size?
Well, unfortunately I did not find good answers for these questions.  So, here are some of my answers.  They are true to size.  If you wear a half size, go down a size and NOT up a size because the shoe will break in and mold to your feet.  I wear an 8.5 and I have a pair of the cherry red 1461 boots in a 9 and my feet are swimming in them.  The tongue of the shoe is a bit tight, but  I think this is due to the stiffness of the shoe, but I will report back on that in a week or so after I have worn them around a bit.  Yes it is stiff (and yeah, I thought of the sexual innuendo also so you’re not alone).  It meaning the material is stiff, which is why the shoe takes some breaking in.  But I did find some good advice for breaking in Dr. Martens.

1) Wear thick socks
2) Don’t wear for more than two hours at a time (or blisters will emerge)
3) Love them (care for them.  These are durable shoes and you want them looking amazing)

**I will be that hip grandma giving her grandkid some awesome Dr. Martens.**

Here are the Dr. Martens I got. They are the black Victorian floral canvas 1460 Reinvented
***Please, excuse my fuzzy socks and odd looking ankles.  It’s the thick socks.  We don’t want blisters!  but they are awesome!  And these shoes do come with some pink laces, which are an adorable touch to these feminine yet edgy shoe.

Images from: Dr. Martens USA website


If you have any questions, please post below.  And I will answer them as best and truthfully as I can.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

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